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g. crabtree jampot at adelphia.net
Sat Sep 9 20:07:08 PDT 2006

Donovan, I am writing you because I have seen the light and I urge you to join me in bowing down before the superior intellect that is our fair flower, a veritable lily of the valley, Professor Joseph K. Campbell. We are but pygmies when it comes to the power of argument and persuasion.  That thing about the Nazis was a stroke of pure genius (at least as much of it as I could wrap my primitive brain around. I mean really, everyone knows that using our foes in WWII to make your point is the ultimate trump and to stop just short of delivering such a powerful weapon shows such awesome mercy) and the fact that he's always so on point and witty positively makes my heart skip a beat! To continue to disagree with a being as obviously superior would be an act of foolishness on a scale similar to not heeding Jackie's dire warnings and not reading hansen's masterful musings on his indisputable web site. Should you doubt any of the things I have laid out for you, wait but a few hours and his eminence Dr.JKC will probably spell it all out for us once again, albeit in a hurt, wounded, and doubtless highly insulted tone. And who could blame him? After all, it must be quite a trial to put up with the lowly likes of those such as ourselves. Please allow me to apologize in advance. I'm too ignorant to know the anguish I cause my betters. In closing, allow me to reiterate. Repent, Donovan or fail to know the true joy that comes from being one with the intellectual universe that rotates about Joe's axis.


P.S Please pass this on to Sherman Sherwin, the scourge of the south. I'm sure that he would hate to be left out of the warm fuzzy that is being down with Joe.

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