[Vision2020] New Senate Report On Iraq Gets Scant Attention

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Sat Sep 9 18:41:39 PDT 2006


It discloses for the first time an October 2005 CIA assessment that prior to
the war Saddams government did not have a relationship, harbor, or turn a
blind eye toward Zarqawi and his associates. Bush and other administration
officials have said that the presence of Zarqawi in Iraq before the war was
evidence of a connection between Saddams government and al-Qaida.

The long-awaited report, said Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., a member of the
committee, is a devastating indictment of the Bush-Cheney administrations
unrelenting, misleading and deceptive attempts to link Saddam to al-Qaida.
The report, two years in the making, comes out amid a series of Bush
speeches stressing that pursuing the military effort in Iraq is crucial to
winning the war on terrorism, and two months before that policy will be
tested in midterm elections.
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