[Vision2020] First Admendment, Blogs, Wilson, & Sitler

Michael metzler at moscow.com
Sat Sep 9 12:07:53 PDT 2006

Dear Vision 2020 Friends,


Just a quick update on what I mentioned a couple days ago


The blogger getting sued by 10million/yr reformed ministry has just
commented at length on the Sitler issue, providing multiple links, which you
can find here in the comment section (12:15 & 12:26):




I'm afraid that sports talk would not do much in changing the subject this
time around : -)  Just thought some of you would be interested...


But back to the law suit: this is becoming an interesting issue in
constitutional law it seems to me: http://poohsthink.com/?p=758





Michael Metzler

www.poohsthink.com <http://www.poohsthink.com/>  

Moscow, Idaho

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