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Ms. Mix, you have, inadvertently I'm sure, overlooked the granddaddy staple 
of "plasti-food" Cheeze Whiz. Artificially bacon flavored cheese food 
product in the oh so convenient aerosol spray can. This stuff will keep you 
walking around months after your own personal expiration date. Spew this on 
rice cakes (widely known to be made of recycled Styrofoam and thus 
non-injurious to our friends in the cereal clan) and you have the perfect 
meal, pseudo meat, faux grain and ersatz dairy. Who sez covering all the 
basic fake food groups means hours slaving away in the  kitchen? For more 
delightful recipes such as this one, please consult the "Finer Dining 
Through Applied Chemistry Cookbook" put out by the thoughtful folks at Union 

Bon Appetite,
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> Robert,
> Truly you have caused me to search the depths of my soul  regarding 
> plants'
> rights.  You see, I have held a great deal of animosity toward plants
> because of the abuse foisted upon me by my health-conscious father, who
> ruined many an ice cream sundae by sprinkling it with wheat germ, which, 
> as
> I now understand, is an integral part of wheat-life.
> I repent.  From now on, I'm only going to eat plasti-foods, i.e., those
> foodstuffs made of artificial ingredients that kill not the food source, 
> but
> the consumer.  I know I'll feel much better, at least until I die.  First
> order of business:  Finding a box of Quisp cereal, and then I'll move on 
> to
> a Hot Pockets of some sort.  Then I'll purpose to eat daily a big bowl of
> bright orange Mac 'N Cheese, chasing it down with one of 13 different
> permutations of Mountain Dew.  A cup or two of Nescafe Instant and I'll be
> ready to meet my Maker, knowing that my food choices were so utterly
> artificial as to spare all organic life forms and instead preserve me for
> decades after my natural demise.
> Naaaaahhhhh.
> Thanks, Bob, for lightening things up.
> keely
> From: Robert Dickow <dickow at uidaho.edu>
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> Subject: [Vision2020] Plants Rights
> Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 15:40:38 -0700
> With some of the recent comments about animal rights and so on, I'd like 
> to
> make a plug for my Plants Rights Society. (I think I posted the 
> constitution
> of the organization a few years ago here on Vision2020).
> The Plants Rights Society recognizes plant life as an equal and in many
> cases superior group of organisms inhabiting the planet. Plant life
> superceded animal life and shows superiority in many areas, such as 
> eternal
> life (due to open growth) in many plant groups, high intelligence, and 
> other
> features. Plants by and large produce their own food and provide much of 
> the
> support of the food chain involving animals. Some plants 'feel' pain (in 
> the
> manner of plants), communicate danger warnings to neighboring plants,
> attempt to avoid danger by moving away from harmful objects or substances
> (though they do move rather slowly sometimes), and engage in other 
> seemingly
> intelligent behaviors. We don't argue that plant's 'think,' in the usual
> sense, but might argue that thinking as we know it is simply silly for a
> plant to do, so they don't even bother.
> Yet many humans view plant life as of a 'lower order' of creature than
> animal life, and actually deign to consider a diet entirely of plants a
> moral, ethical activity, a view we do not hold. Indeed, the 'invisibility'
> of plants to many people is all too common, and reflects an extreme form 
> of
> anthro-centricity, or animal-centricity. Consider, for example:
> Not long ago I heard a news reporter on NPR describe 'hacking and chopping
> our way through the jungle, with not a living thing in sight for miles
> around...' Huh? What was he hacking through?
> I once met a young lady who explained that she decided to be a vegan 
> because
> she found the idea of eating living things repugnant. Huh? Aren't plants
> alive? (And... did she properly and humanely kill all the vegetables 
> before
> eating them?)
> Join my society (when the website gets up) and support plant life. We urge
> that:
> (1) Plants be fairly and humanely treated when processed and marketed as
> food.
> (2) Plants be read their rights during harvesting, weeding, and other 
> human
> activities that may damage or destroy them.
> (3) Harm no plants during the filming of motion pictures. Remember that
> closing scene in Apocalypse Now?!!!! EGAD!
> (4) Diets that have an overly large amount of plant materials are not
> supported by the society. Vegan diets are morally repugnant to the 
> society.
> (5) Plant usage for scientific experimentation must be approved by
> authorized review panels or boards.
> Thank you for your consideration.
> Bob Dickow, troublemaker
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