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 I don't really think of many of these people as  liberals, I think of them more as Authoritative Collectivist Elitists.  That is they think that the World and all in it should be forced to  conform their demands and standards or be subjugated to their  punishment of endless harassment.  
 To call them  leftists is an insult to leftest. On some issues they are on the right,  and others they seem to be on the left, depending on which one they  just feel is best for them or worst for those they disagree with. There  is no logic behind what they do, and their actions usually have the  opposite impact they intended for lack of insight and connection to  economic realities, not to mention bad math. 
 I consider  myself socially liberal and fiscally conservative. These Authoritative  Collectivists want the decisions of the public limited only to what  they want, not what is necessarily liberal. Being correct or incorrect  is always an opinion, not fact. So they are always right. 
 I  don't like Bush, as most people don't. He is not a fiscal conservative  or social liberal, he is in fact the opposite, he is a tax and spend  fiscal liberal and a social conservative mixed with a pound of  incompetence and pound of arrogance. He is as bad as Howard "Screaming  Mad Man"  Dean. 
  But you are right. They hate others for what they themselves do. 

Dick Sherwin <rvrcowboy at clearwire.net> wrote:              Donovan,
  Don't you find it amusing when the truly   self-enlightened liberals, you know those who preach diversity,   acceptance
  and  forgiveness of anything, so long as it fits into their politically  correct agenda, show their true selves by tearing apart anyone and  anything with which they disagree?  They would deny this, of  course, but the pattern is evident to a blind man.  
  They  are all so full of hate and rage toward NSA, Christ Church, and  anything affiliated with it, they can hardly contain themselves.   Just as the far left hates George W. Bush, these apologists for  anything against the grain of the norm consistently show their true  hatred toward those with whom they disagree.  If one should  find yourself on their "shit list" it is doubtful you could take a  breath of air without drawing a nasty comment from them.
  I  personally find it very amusing.  I love it when the true colors  of the personality of hate shows through the thin veneer of lies they  sell to the general public.
  Well,  guess I will sit back and wait for the tongue lashing reserved for  those who can see the light through the fog of liberalism they live  in.  You and I both know it will surely come...
  Dick S...
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You  expect the people on V2020 and Moscow to believe that concern in this  issue is a legitimate concern about parking and not the elimination and  harassment of NSA from Moscow when you have a website titled "Not on  the Palouse, Not Ever!" in reference to NSA. Interesting, you must have  a low regard for the intelligence of the people on the Palouse if you  are expecting them to fall for the that. 



Tom Hansen <thansen at moscow.com> wrote:    Exactly,       Joe -

The emphasis of the Central Business District, as explained in       the
Comprehensive Plan, is "Business", tax-paying retail outlets that       attract

Thanks to the City Council, there is absolutely       nothing to prevent the
University of Idaho, Washington State University,       or (worse yet) that
four-year junior college in Boise from purchasing a       building (or two or
three or . . . ) downtown, create a parking lot, and       growing roots in
downtown Moscow, Idaho. The voices claiming that Moscow       is non-growth
oriented may not be far from reality as local citizens go       to work in Pullman
after dropping their children off at school on       Moscow's Main Street after
Friendship Square is renamed "The Quad".       

This, most certainly, is NOT the Moscow I moved to in the summer of       1992,
but it may be the one I leave.

My sympathies,       Moscow.

Tom Hansen
Vandalville, Idaho
UI '96

"If not us,       who?
If not now,       when?"

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