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Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 8 17:37:18 PDT 2006

  All that in response to just my one sentenced comment? Wow! 
  I am not going to get into the details of the law and parking about NSA  because it is irrelevant because if it isn't  the parking then it  is zoning, if it isn't zoning, then it is their book publishing, if  isn't book publishing then it is the fact that they are  giving a  sip of wine to minors during mass, if it isn't that, then it is they  are lying about  people  vandalizing their property, and the  list goes on. . .
  You just proved to everyone here that it isn't about the parking by bringing up the zoning issue. 
  Here is one question for you Joe, if you really, "want NSA in town, I  just don't want them downtown." , where do you want NSA to be? Be  specific, like an address, and the address must also be in a zoning  area that allows for a four a year accredited liberal arts colleges,  not just an address you think would be a good one, it must fit in the  current law and zoning district. Find us just one location, Joe, just  one. 
 "My anger at NSA is over its blatant disregard for the  beliefs and feelings of many of the local citizens and its blatant  disrespect of social, moral, and legal conventions."
  See again, it isn't about parking. It is about the fact that you are angered at your interpretation of their beliefs. 

Joe Campbell <joekc at adelphia.net> wrote:  You are wrong, Donovan. I want NSA in town, I just don't want them downtown.

Here  is one gift that NSA downtown has given us: If the U of I wants to take  over downtown Moscow, then they are in a much better position to do so  now than they would have otherwise been without the CUP. 
Why  is it that NSA is allowed downtown but the U of I is not? No  substantive reason. Thus, the U of I could now locate downtown if they  wished. The only thing preventing them from doing so is their own good  grace. (NSA folks will tell you that they are already downtown but that  is not really true. If you doubt this, suggest a counterexample.) 
Now  the folks at NSA -- saints that they are -- have no intention of taking  over downtown through incremental measures: one or two building here,  one or two buildings there. But what is to prevent the U of I from  doing so? Well, as of now, nothing but their own good grace! 
Some  of us think that the downtown area is not a good place for a college or  university, especially given that this town has had a college or  university for over 100 years and it is now big enough to take over the  town, should it so desire to do so. NSA downtown makes a U of I  takeover more possible now than it would otherwise be. And the only  reason that the U of I will not take over the downtown is out of its  own good grace. I hope that NSA has a similar attitude but I honestly  worry that it does not! 
My anger at NSA is over its blatant  disregard for the beliefs and feelings of many of the local citizens  and its blatant disrespect of social, moral, and legal conventions. It  has nothing to do with their religious views. And I very much resent,  Donovan, your constant insistence that things are otherwise. 
Joe Campbell 
---- Donovan Arnold  wrote: 
I don't think these people are really worried about parking. They just want NSA out of town. 

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