[Vision2020] Coe transferred to special commitment center on McNeilIsland

Sunil Ramalingam sunilramalingam at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 8 17:19:56 PDT 2006

Coe has been sent to a 'commitment center,' which does not sound like Club 
Med to me.  It sounds like he's being confined, much like Sitler is.  I 
don't understand how he is dictating anything; he has served the sentence he 
was given, correct?  The state is seeking to continue to imprison him, and 
he is not being released while this matter is pending.

I do not have bunched up underwear from Sitler being allowed to attend 
treatment while serving his sentence.  He continues to be locked up the rest 
of the time, and will be released when his jail time is done.  It makes 
sense to me that he receives treatment prior to his release; otherwise he 
would START his treatment upon his release.  If he does anything wrong when 
released to attend treatment, he would likely face the imposition of his 
original sentence; he has every reason to comply.


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>Subject: [Vision2020] Coe transferred to special commitment center on 
>Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2006 17:02:49 -0700
>Coe transferred to special commitment center on McNeil Island
>SPOKANE, Wash.- South Hill Rapist Kevin Coe has been transferred to a 
>special commitment center at McNeil Island instead of the Spokane County 
>Jail.  He left Spokane early Friday morning and arrived safely at noon.  A 
>judge listened to arguments on behalf of Coe and granted him the transfer. 
>Coe will be moved back to Spokane County in time for a probable cause 
>hearing, in about 7 weeks.
>Coe's attorney sought - and were granted - a delay in the hearing on 
>whether to civilly commit him beyond his 25-year sentence for rape.  That 
>hearing will now take place no October 30th.  Prosecutors did not object to 
>the delay, but said they would not be willing to wait any longer.  Coe's 
>lawyer said he needed more time to sift through the mounds of documents 
>related to his client's case.
>Does this not sound like Sitler being allowed to go outside the jail for 
>"treatment" until his parole in May 2007?  When did things change to where 
>the criminal is allowed to dictate his sentence or place of incarceration?
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