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A press release posted on the door of Latah Health Services, Inc., on Sept 7, 2006 advises the public LHS will no longer be providing long term care. They will now be focusing on assisted living, with the possibility of low income housing in the future. Many of the 70 employees will be laid off. The skilled residents will be transferred to other local facilities. LHS was formed in, I believe 1958, or 1959 as an alternative to the local poor farm, and held license #1 for the State of Idaho. The nursing home is non-profit; the pool and therapy department are for profit. 
  A friend advised me that the therapy department has been all but closed for weeks, the company holding the contract for providing services left (?) unsure what “left” means. If the situation at Latah was so dire, I assume the Latah County Commissioners have been discussing it at their meetings, as well as the Latah Board of Directors. Has this been reported in the paper? 
  There will be a board meeting to discuss the future of the pool closing on September 14, 2006 at LHS 510 West Palouse River Drive, Moscow, Idaho. We, the taxpayers of Latah County own LHS., This is a fantastic opportunity to have your voice heard regarding the future of the pool. I believe there is a need in our community for a reasonably priced warm pool to be used by those who suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, MS, etc., which keep many from exercise activity in the cold, often icy winter months.  
  I will be attending, if you need a ride, please contact me at this email address. To express your opinion on the important matter, contact your local commissioner by phone 208-882-8580, or by email;
  Chair - Jack Nelson  jnelson at latah.id.us
  Paul J. Kimmel     pkimmel at latah.id.us
  Tom Stroschein  tstroschein at latah.id.us
  If you want to discuss this important community matter with a LHS board member, please contact LHS at 208-882-7586, as I am unsure who is a board member now. 

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