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Fri Sep 8 10:38:15 PDT 2006

Does anyone have the ear of the Historical Society?  Could not the buildings 
downtown be declared historical and therefore ineligible for destruction no 
matter who buys them?

J  :]

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>Exactly, Joe -
>The emphasis of the Central Business District, as explained in the
>Comprehensive Plan, is "Business", tax-paying retail outlets that attract
>Thanks to the City Council, there is absolutely nothing to prevent the
>University of Idaho, Washington State University, or (worse yet) that
>four-year junior college in Boise from purchasing a building (or two or
>three or . . . ) downtown, create a parking lot, and growing roots in
>downtown Moscow, Idaho.  The voices claiming that Moscow is non-growth
>oriented may not be far from reality as local citizens go to work in 
>after dropping their children off at school on Moscow's Main Street after
>Friendship Square is renamed "The Quad".
>This, most certainly, is NOT the Moscow I moved to in the summer of 1992,
>but it may be the one I leave.
>My sympathies, Moscow.
>Tom Hansen
>Vandalville, Idaho
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>If not now, when?"
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