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Jackie, I hate to interfere with your carefully crafted little fantasy but 
as a public utility it is my understanding that GTE was indeed tax exempt 
and if you think that its employees did not utilize the Jackson street lot 
it's clear you didn't live in Moscow at that time. GTE had a right to 
utilize parking in that lot and when the building was sold to NSA that right 
went with it. It seems clear that you don't care much for the current crop 
of businesses that have sprung up downtown, perhaps you could suggest a few 
that would be more to your liking? Maybe a tin foil hats boutique? Or, maybe 
a chemist who specialized in industrially sized containers of 
chlorpromazine, haloperidol and thioridazine? Perhaps you could invest some 
of your own resources and do something more in keeping with you and your 
friends values in the CBD. Or you could continue to lurk, spy,  and 
complain. Of the two, I suspect the latter.

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> Greg Dickison, aka the inept attorney who says "It's Not a College" (NSA),
> "Its Not a School, Its A Daycare" (St. Monica's), "Its Open To The Public,
> Therefore Is Not A Class" (NSA)....geez Greg is there ANYthing you and 
> your
> "client" agree on when it comes to what EXACTLY it is they are running?
> Oh, and you don't know what other classes are being run out of other
> buildings?  Yeah, right!
> I think its about time this town wakes up and smells the coffee - more and
> more kirker businesses are opening up and they are allowing classes to be
> run out of their buildings.  Because the kirkers are SO used to hiding,
> perfecting and running a "gin mill out of the backroom" type of scam, 
> unless
> people start speaking up, this is only going to get worse.  You think
> parking is bad now, just wait.  NSA can NOT continue with their
> accreditation without growth and they will grow in the sneaky, underhanded
> manner in which they have operated since the very beginning.
> And I really think it is totally disingenuous to say NSA has introduced
> retail space into the CBD when its their own business' that are
> owned/operated by the same church that owns/operates them; i.e., the 
> library
> is "open" to anyone who subscribes, the "bookstore" is stocked ONLY with
> texts and reading material relevant to the courses offered by NSA, and
> kirker owned WOP has NOT been well received by anyone but CC people.
> Personally, I don't see WOP being open much past next summer anyway, in
> which case that will be open space AGAIN until another kirker decides to
> take a chance that Dougie won't kick them out of town.  Spending the same 
> $1
> in a self-contained world does not allow for that $1 to gain much value.
> Given that WOP is heavily majorialy patronized by the kirkers, I just 
> don't
> see much growth happening there.  Remember too, that part of the building
> was empty for a long stretch once Zume's was forced to close.  And Dougie
> doesn't like it when he has to pump what little resources he has into a
> business that can't seem to get a foot-hold on the paying public's wallet.
> And to put down the phone company as if they didn't contribute to the town
> when they had the building is rather ridiculous.  At least those people 
> paid
> taxes and they did NOT use up the parking that was available in the CBD. 
> In
> fact, they PROVIDED parking for their employees.  Can't say the same for
> NSA, can you Greg?
> Oh, yeah I forgot - you don't know WHAT your client does, do you?
> J  :]
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>>Greetings Visionaires -
>>The newly updated and expanded:
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