[Vision2020] Moscow's terrible sidewalks

Donovan Arnold donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 6 17:34:43 PDT 2006

 My chief complaint about sidewalks is that they are  not wide enough for wheelchairs. Not to mention that when someone in a  wheelchair tries to cross a street there is either no slit in the curb  or on a not a wide enough slit to get up the other side. Then people  park their cars on the side of the road. This forces people in  wheelchairs to roll down the center of the road. Very unsafe IMHO. 
  Crosswalks should be wide, WC assessable, as level as possible, and  have plenty of light during the evening and early night. D Street, with  no sidewalks, and Third street with narrow sidewalks and heavy traffic  are my chief concerns. 

Pennsylvania Place <penn_place_boise at yahoo.com> wrote:  Hey All:
  I've  seen on the list and the DN many complaints about the lack of sidewalks  on Mountain View. How about the older parts of town? Who do we complain  to?
  I walk all over town, sometimes  pushing a stroller. I have noticed many high traffic streets near the  downtown core with NO sidewalks on EITHER side. How can we do something  about this? Shouldn't it be in the street budget?
  Example  1: On West A Street, which is dang-near an arterial these days, there  is NO sidewalk on EITHER side of the street between Jackson and Almon.  On the north side you have the gravel lot belonging to St. John  Hardware, on the South side you have a gravel lot belonging to that  Heating & Air place in the former electric railroad depot.
  Anyone trying to walk down A street pushing a stroller (or god forbid a wheelchair!) would find it impossible.
  Example  2: Where Lilly crosses 3rd street, there is a crosswalk on the west  side of the intersection - which doesn't lead to a sidewalk! It leads  right into Ambassador Auto's parking lot! Now, Ambassador Auto has been  kind and pulled back their autos so there is now space to walk, but  back in July and August you could not walk down Lilly without walking  out in the middle of the street.
  Pedestrian Friendly Town, my ass!
  Penny P.

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