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Mark Solomon msolomon at moscow.com
Fri Sep 1 16:53:22 PDT 2006

All that is available at that site (and in hard copy.. I've asked) is 
the exec. summary and "key findings". Until we can see the data used 
as published in the full study, there's nothing to say of substance.


At 4:17 PM -0700 9/1/06, Dan Carscallen wrote:
>Mark said:
>"Yes Moscow, No SuperWalmart will review and comment on Peterson's
>report when it is available."
>>From the Moscow Chamber of Commerce:
>"Local Retail Impact Study Now Available
>"The Executive Summary and Key Findings from "Moscow at a Tipping Point
>- An Economic Analysis of the Local Retail Economy" is now available via
>the Chamber homepage, www.moscowchamber.com.  According to the study
>author, UI Research Economist Steve Peterson, "Contrary to popular
>belief, the evidence strongly suggests that shoppers and consumers
>follow the "big box" retailers.  That effect certainly occurred in
>Pullman/Whitman County whose per capita retail sales are about half that
>of Moscow/Latah County.  Pullman/Whitman County followed the big box
>retailers to Moscow, to Lewiston, and Spokane over the last 30 years."
>Peterson added, "The exodus of large retailers from Moscow (or the
>location elsewhere of potential new retail stores) may result in a
>reduction in overall customer number flows which will hurt all retail
>and service businesses. The paradox is clear - keeping out large box
>retailers may actually harm Main Street business by reducing overall
>customer growth for all retail businesses."  Tom McGann, Moscow Chamber
>of Commerce president, noted, "I appreciated Peterson's historical
>perspective on the retail growth of our community, it should give us
>pause to be concerned about Moscow's business future."
>"For a hard copy of the study, please call the Moscow Chamber of
>Commerce at 208-882-1800 or stop by 411 S. Main."
>Keep on, Keep truckin'

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