[Vision2020] Wrong

J Ford privatejf32 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 1 11:13:39 PDT 2006

Doug Farris says:

"Also, Maybe if you knew how the arena of business worked,... maybe Mr.
Hoffman is moving out of his old location (end of the month and all)
and into his newly remodeled location right next to the Red Door..."

Is that the same "office" space that has a handwritten sign on it that says 
"Please Use Back Door" and has dusty dirty white paper hung haphazardly in 
the windows?  The one that no one has been seen going in/out of on any kind 
of regular basis?  The one that has a City Bldg. Permit taped crooked to the 
inside of the window so you can't actually see what the permit is for?  The 
one that has cob webs on the doors and windows?  The one is that is dark 
both day and night?    The one that the County shows as being owned by First 
Security, NOT Michael Hoffmann?  THAT "office" space?

"and closer to Bucers where he gets his coffee. (It was sure a long walk to
go from one end of town to the other for just a cup of coffee)"

What, he doesn't like the coffee at One World which is right across the 
street from his 6th Street "office"?

"As far as the reconnaissance goes with the moving van. I noticed that
there are a lot of boxes at the above location. (you know - or maybe
you don't- that one who actually does engineering work needs to have a
lot of storage for there paper work.) Could it be that he was moving
his material over to his newly remodeled office....?"

Again, what "newly remodeled office" would that be?  And WHAT boxes are at 
the 6th Street "office"?  Since NO one in town can verify that Mike has done 
ANY kind of "engineering" work for them, that bit seems curious all around.  
(Oh, BTW, that should read "a lot of storage for THEIR PAPERWORK.")

And since Mike is only renting the 6th Street "office" and has yet to 
actually PURCHASE the S Main Street space, and the end of the month was 
YESTERDAY, this seems curious as well.

"Damn Spy Glass! fogged up again!"

And *that* statement should read "Damn Doug Farris rose-colored glasses! 
Fogged up again."

J  :]

P.S. Do you allow Dougie-boy to pre-read your e-mails like his other boyz 
do?  If not, that would account for your inability to get things correct.  
Mayhap not.

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