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J Ford privatejf32 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 23 17:26:49 PDT 2006

Sign in downtown Detroit on the Fisher building door: "Caution: Automatic 
Door  (push to operate)"

Just outside Houston there are two signs about five feet apart:

State correctional facility, do not pick up hitch-hikers.
Adopt a highway litter control next mile: Boy Scout Den 102

In Rice Lake, WI is a billboard on the side of a local road advertising for 
"The Butcher Shop". Right behind the sign...a graveyard.

Driving down the road, I noticed some scribblings on the dirty flatbed truck 
in front of me. Someone had drawn three arrows, Right, left, and down. The 
right arrow was pointing at the ditch on the side of the road, and read 
"El-crasho". The down arrow was pointed at the trucks bumper, and read 
"El-stopo". The left arrow was pointed at the oncoming lane, and read 
"el-passo". I had coffee coming out of my nose.

I was driving by a pet shop when I noticed a sign saying, 'All birds going 

I was driving in the bay area and saw a sign for Continuum Street. Right 
above it there was a sign indicating the end of the street!!! It looked like 


On a highway in New York, "Caution, state correctional facility ahead, do 
not pick up hitchhikers."

I saw a sign yesterday that read "No Outlet", right under it was a tiny sign 
that said "one block ahead."

A sign outside a furniture store in northern Virginia states (in large 
"ANTIQUE Tables Made Here Daily."

On a trip to London, we visited a museum which had special facilities for 
disabled visitors. Many exhibits had small brass plates with Braille writing 
(you know, with raised dots so blind people can 'feel' the words). The 
translation underneath said, "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THIS EXHIBIT."

We were driving and saw a sign that said, "Loose 30 pounds in 1 month." 
Under the sign there was another sign that had the McDonalds arch with an 
arrow pointing to the way to McDonalds.

In a small town in North Carolina there is a junk yard that has a huge sign 
on the front of the building that says, "Drive Reckless! It Helps Business!"

For the Stupid signs section: I have repeatedly seen the same banner on bus 
stop benches all over Sacramento, California. They read simply, "Learn to 
Read. Call xxx-xxxx"

Billboard I saw on a hill down south: Tattoos done while you wait!

A local jewelry store in my town has a marquee out front that says, "We buy 
old boyfriends jewelry!"

A sign on the back shield of a car: DO YOU BELIEVE IN LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT OR 

On the dirty back window of a Computer company van, some funny person had 
written with their finger in the dust www.washme.com.au.

Stupid Signs: I was driving by a KFC and on their marquee it said: "Now 
Hiring: 2 Chickens for $5.99."

I used to work at a residence for developmentally disabled adults called 
"Opengate."There was a sign on their gate that read: "Gate must remain 
closed at all times."

While driving through a small town I noticed a sign that said, "FOR SALE: 

When I lived on California, one day I was driving down a mountainous road in 
the desert. I came across a sign that said, "Watch For Trocks." I don't know 
it it meant "trucks" or "rocks in the road." Ha! Maybe it meant "trucks 
hauling rocks". Anyway, it was one of the funniest signs I ever saw.

On the way to my sisters house in a small Minnesota town is a building with 
a big sign on the front door that says "STRIP-N-SHOP." It makes me laugh out 
loud every time I drive by. Turns out it is a furniture refinishing 

As I was driving down the Strip in Las Vegas I noticed a sign on a small 
run-down motel:
"This motel highly recommended by owner."

There is a road sign near Cape Cod, Massachusetts that declares:

On a sign at an Indiana college: "Keep Door Close."

In a small town next to where I live, there is a Presbyterian Church with a 
sign that reads,: "Come join us for Sun. worship!"

I saw a sign in Kansas just off the highway that read: "WHAM for kids, a 
child abuse foundation."

Here's a sign my friends and I get a kick out of: Sign from a clothing 
store, "Kids CHEAP!"

Rounding the drive-thru at a local fast food place I noticed a sign on the 
wooden gates around the dumpsters. It read: "OPENS FROM INSIDE"

There is a mini-mall in San Jose CA. It has a small pharmacy and a 
seamstress shop located in the mall. The sign out front says: "Lee's Drugs 
-- Unlimited Alterations"

In the sporting goods department of the Wal-Mart I work at there is a 
display with a back to school sign. Under the sign are boxes of rifle 

On the front of a catholic elementary school
Jesus is coming!
No bingo Sunday

At the entrance to a small community is a sign that says: Private Property
No Trespassing
No Exit

There is a sign at a small country cemetery near my home that is a little 
slanted and pointing down toward the ground and it says "ONE WAY."

In Ocean Springs, MS, there is a sign that reads "speed limit 25mph unless 
otherwise posted." Right below it, another sign reads, "Speed limit 30 mph."

Sign: "Fire wood for sale to go."

While on a vacation in Maine, we visited a water park. To help people who 
didn't want to stay wet, there was a sign pointing to the changing areas. 
Right below that sign, which pointed left, there was another one for a 
viewing area, which -- you guessed it, also pointed left. I wonder who the 
genius was who designed the park?

This was seen several years ago, also from the Atlanta Vasectomy Clinic, and 
was in reference to the Atlanta Braves baseball team... "Atlanta Vasectomy 
Clinic, Atlanta's best Chop Shop!"

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