[Vision2020] Immigration: Let them all in

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Fri Apr 28 06:13:09 PDT 2006

Mr. Ed stated:


"Ed wrote:


"Undocumented immigrants"?  WHAT? "Illegal Aliens" is more like it.  Who
comes up with the stupid inaccurate euphemistic PC catchphrases?"


Well, Mr. Ed . . . Perhaps political correctness does seem to be going a bit
too far in some cases.  I hear that the politically correct term for a
self-righteous, indignant, no-count, irresponsible pig is "non-ordained


Tom Hansen

Moscow, Idaho



"When people sin, everybody has to pay."

- Douglas Wilson of Wilson, Inc. (dba Christ Church) (June 7, 2002)

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