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Monday, May 1, 2006
7:00 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers

 206 East Third Street, Second Floor

The Moscow Mayor, City Council and Staff welcome you to tonight's
meeting.  We appreciate and encourage public participation.  For regular
agenda items, an opportunity for public comment is sometimes provided
after the staff report.  However, the formality of procedures varies
with the purpose and subject of the agenda item; therefore, the Mayor
may exercise discretion in deciding when to allow public comment during
the course of the proceedings and limitations will be placed on the time
allowed for comments.  Citizens wishing to comment on business which is
not on the agenda will be provided the opportunity to do so as item
number 3.  If you plan to address the Council, you will find a list of
"Tips for Addressing the Council" on the table outside the City Council
Chambers.  Thank you for your interest in City government.


RENEWING OUR FOCUS - At each meeting, one City Council member will
present an example of patriotism, humanitarianism, community spirit, or
other inspirational message.  Contact a Council-member with examples to
share at future meetings.


1.       Consent Agenda:  Any item will be removed from the consent
agenda at the request of any member of the Council and that item will be
considered separately later.  Approval by roll call vote.


A.     Approval of Minutes of March 20, 2006 - Stephanie Kalasz


B.     Dump Truck Bid Award - Mike McGahan

Bids were opened on Tuesday April 18, 2006, for one New 2006 Single Axle
5-6 yard Dump Truck with Snow Plow, less trade in of 1977 GMC Sierra
6000 Cab & Chassis. One responsive bid was received from Southern Idaho
Freightliner / with Freedom Truck Center in Spokane for $101,789.00.


ACTION:  Award bid to Southern Idaho Freightliner with Freedom Truck
Center in Spokane and authorize staff to purchase dump truck.


C.     Building Needs Assessment Adjustment - Dan Weaver

The fees for our building needs assessment came in higher than we
anticipated and budgeted for. The number one firm agreed to waive
$10,000 of their proposed fees and do the job for a flat fee of $50,000
which is still $20,000 more than the City and County jointly had
budgeted. The Committee still feels that the selected firm is the best
for the job and would like to have them do the project. If we proceed,
the City and County would each have to come up with an extra $10,000.
Additional funds in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for the
Building Needs Assessment are available under budget line


ACTION:  Authorize $10,000 from line item 101-071-20-770-76 to be used
for the additional cost for the building needs assessment.


2.       Public Comment and Mayor's Response Period (limit 15 minutes)
- For members of the Public to speak to the Council regarding matters
NOT on the Agenda and not currently pending before the Planning and
Zoning Commission or Board of Adjustment, please state your name and
address for the record and limit remarks to three minutes.  Mayor will
respond to comments from previous meeting.


3.       Thompson/CLC Rezone - Joel Plaskon

The applicants propose to rezone 77.6 acres from Agriculture/Forestry
(AF) Zoning District to Motor Business (MB) Zoning District.  The
subject land is located south of State Highway 8, east of South Mountain
View Rd. and north of East Palouse River Dr. (all arterial streets) and
is designated as Extensive Commercial (EC) by the Comprehensive Plan.
The Planning and Zoning Commission conducted a public hearing on
February 22, 2006 and recommended denial of the proposed rezone due
primarily to concern over the large quantity of land requested for
rezoning to a single and intensive commercial zoning district and its
potential adverse impacts to infrastructure, as well as their concern
about it removing the subject land from a potential for mixed use


ACTION:  Approve the Ordinance to rezone the subject land on first
reading under suspension of the rules requiring three complete and
separate readings and that it be read and published by title only; or
consider the Ordinance on first reading, requiring additional readings
for approval; or reject Ordinance; or defer decision to a later date;
or remand matter to Planning and Zoning Commission.  Any conditions of
approval must be reflected in the Ordinance.  Any decision must be
subject to a Reasoned Statement of Relevant Criteria and Standards.


4.   Boarding House Update - Randy Fife/Joel Plaskon

Staff will update Council on the regulation of boarding houses and seeks
Council direction.  At Administrative Committee, City Attorney Randy
Fife gave a status report regarding current challenges in regulation of
boarding houses and discussed the potential for resolving some of those
issues through clarifying amendments to the Moscow City Code.  A report
was also made regarding the status of current complaints.  The creation
of a task force to review the issue was also considered.  Reviewed by
the Administrative Committee on April 24, 2006.


ACTION:  Direct the Planning and Zoning Commission to consider proposed
changes to the Zoning Code or take such other action deemed appropriate.



            Administrative Committee

            Public Works/Finance Committee

            Other Boards & Commissions



EXECUTIVE SESSION - Legal Issue - Pursuant to Idaho Code Section



NOTICE:  Individuals attending the meeting who require special
assistance to accommodate physical, hearing, or other impairments,
please contact the City Clerk, at (208) 883-7015, as soon as possible so
that arrangements may be made.



Stephanie Kalasz

Moscow City Clerk


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