[Vision2020] Bush the truth teller: note to Dick

James Reynolds chapandmaize at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 27 14:58:50 PDT 2006


Hi Dick,
I need to respond to this comment of yours.
"Believe me, there is a lot more evidence of voter fraud, concerning illegal aliens, than there is evidence of George Bush lying.  Bet you have no problem believing that though, do you?"
It's amazing to me that someone of your intellect and knowledge would still trust President Bush to tell the truth about anything. You talk of the Liberals living in a fantasy land, good lord. I don't have much use for many of our countries current crop of national politicians and think that most are being paid off by some lobby group or another.
Let me suggest a few things that the Bushwacker has lied about:
1. He said he is a Christian and yet his priorities are killing people and making money. he continually denies the poor and helpless any assistance.
2. He said Iraq most positively had WMD when there was credible evidence and ongoing inspections saying they did not. (Also apply this bearing false witness to his Christian claims) He falsely set up his evidence by paying Chalibi 30 million dollars to concoct stories and found a voice in Hardball, a man spurned by all intelligence groups as a liar, to support his lies.
3. He said he would not go outside of the FISA courts for wire taps and yet he was doing just that as he said it.
4. He said he would fire anyone who leaked secret information when he himself was the one who leaked it.
5. he said he served honorably when in reality he cost the taxpayers 3 million dollars to train him as a pilot and then got grounded for being unfit. too much cocaine will make you unfit to fly a fighter I suppose.
I am doing this quickly, but it may be time for this list to be completed because the crimes against this country perpetrated by this man have grown to the point where to ignore his crimes would be tantamount to giving up our democracy. We should all at least expect our President to not lie to us. How can there be any base of support for a fellow who has lied so much and cost our country so much.
How many lies which he told can we assemble for the Bushman? It seems like everytime he or anyone in his administration,s lips move, they are lying. Dick can you tell me of one thing he told the whole truth about?

> From: rvrcowboy at clearwire.net> To: vision2020 at moscow.com> Subject: Re: [Vision2020] immigration: comment to RVcowboy> Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 21:47:01 -0700> > Believe me, there is a lot more evidence of voter fraud, concerning illegal> aliens, than there is evidence of George Bush lying.  Bet you have no> problem believing that though, do you?
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