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I forgot to include something in my post "Homosexuality and the Bible."  One of my favorite Dorothy Sayer's mysteries is one entitled "Five Red Herrings."  When Sir Peter Wimsey likens the relationship of two of the suspects to David and Jonathan, the wife of one of them attacks Wimsey in a rage.  This would have made no sense at all if the good friendship that they did have was just a heterosexual one.

One of our Visionaries claimed that a majority in a Christian country would never assume such horrible things about David and Jonathan, but here at the beginning of the century in Merry and sometimes Gay Ole England, Sayers was playing on a widely held belief about one famous Bible story.

By the way, all of Peter Wimsey is now available on DVD on netflix.com, so it will be slower going through my New Republics, Nations, NYReviews of Books, and other journals, as I turn to Sir Peter for my evening entertainment.  I can only replay Hercule Poirot so many times, although I never do tire of him.

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