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keely emerinemix kjajmix1 at msn.com
Thu Apr 27 11:02:32 PDT 2006

I can think of half a dozen offhand, and many more who have their permanent 
alien registration cards and will eventually apply for citizenship.  You 
might remember there was an amnesty in the mid-80s that benefited many of my 
friends, and others have spent years and years working with immigration 
attorneys to change their status into one of legal residency.  Others 
crossed legally, sometimes decades ago.  Some people --although no one I 
know personally -- are here under the government's H2-B program, which 
enables seasonal ag workers to come here for a period of time, usually six 
to nine months, to work legally in landscaping, dairies, tree and crop 
farms, and other seasonal "ag-type" work.  They return to Mexico when 
they're done, and most sign up to return again in the spring.  
Unfortunately, it's a difficult process and one not open to many people.

Hope that helps.


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Ms. Mix, By what mechanism do people who cross into our country illegally go 
on to become naturalized citizens? Of the hundreds that you know personally, 
how many accomplished this feat?

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>Again, of the literally hundreds of undocumented immigrants I've worked 
>with and known personally, none has ever voted illegally.  Of course, some 
>do go on to become citizens, and I would guess that their participation in 
>the electoral process is equal to or greater than that of native-born 
>Americans, a whopping quarter of whom actually give a rip and vote.
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>Believe me, there is a lot more evidence of voter fraud, concerning illegal
>aliens, than there is evidence of George Bush lying.  Bet you have no
>problem believing that though, do you?
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> > On 4/26/06, rvrcowboy <rvrcowboy at clearwire.net> wrote:
> > > What you should have said, to be correct, is "Undocumented immigrants
> > > not supposed to vote."
> >
> > Do you have even the vaguest evidence of anythingng even vaguely
> > resembling that sort of voter fraud? Or any reason that this sort of
> > voter fraud would be easier than just inventing people, registering
> > them in multiple jurisdictions, or registering people otherwise
> > inelegible to vote? Or that Democrats are in any way actively
> > condoning that sort of voter fraud?
> >
> > Or are you just making things up to justify xenophobic fears?
> >
> > -- ACS
> >
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