[Vision2020] Water: What's your position

Nils Peterson nils_peterson at wsu.edu
Thu Apr 27 06:35:36 PDT 2006

On 4/26/06 10:03 PM, "Matt Decker" <mattd2107 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Nils,
> I do see your point and understand quite well. I don't know how much I am
> sold on the I can't afford to conserve theory. Every one can conserve and do
> it by simple little measures. How we can convince people to do that is the
> problem. Another point I have is, yes low gallonage toilets will help,
> however how much is up for grabs. But then again a gallon saved is a gallon
> earned( maybe thats pennies but it sounded good at least).
> Matt

My point is that there are a number of conservation moves open to each of us
(however, not all the moves are open to all of us for structural reasons,
like Donovan rents and has no yard to stop watering). Each available
conservation move has costs, monetary, life-style, other. For example, the
list had a good discussion about irrigation & management of lawns which was
offered as an alternative to swapping out toilets (more cost intensive).

Of the conservation moves open to me, I need to stack up the costs, to me,
and make choices. Some on the list have argued the merits of having a green
lawn -- going without it is a cost they won't bear. We've also explored
structural changes (low flush toilets) that purport to offer the same life
style and service, but at less water. That conversion has a monetary cost.
Livingston has asked about the payback period of the investment, but it
might not apply to all because either they can't afford the upfront
investment needed to gain the savings, or they plan to move before the
payback is realized. (I have nearly finished converting my house to compact
fluorescent bulbs, but I didn't do it all at once for cost reasons.)

So what I'm trying to get the list to surface in this thread is, where are
the members of the list on this continuum? Which savings options are they
willing and able to undertake? With what perceived urgency? What strategies
could make other savings options seem reasonable to the list? (the toilet
swap, paid for by new water users to secure a water supply within a tight
budget is an example strategy -- I've not heard that it seems reasonable to
the list)

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