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Brent Bradberry bbradber at moscow.com
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I remember that about 20 (approx) years ago there was such a program in 
So. Cal. (specifically San Diego). I was visiting my daughter and 
installed a low flush toilet for her - I don't remember the precise 
cost, but it was nominal. It might be possible to check with the 
appropriate agency in San Diego to see what happened to all the old toilets.
Well, enough potty talk for now.

Brent Bradberry

Dan Carscallen wrote:

>Mark says:
>"The City could have a program where a developer could pay into a toilet
>replacement fund to cover the cost of replacing enough toilets that his
>or her development ended up water budget neutral. In this instance, the
>developer would have to "buy" 384 low-flush toilets to balance the water
>This is all well and good, but why not take it a step further.  The City
>could have a policy of offering said low-flush toilets (as Nils said --
>as long as they work) to the public at large, allowing people to "pay
>them off" on their monthly water bill.
>One problem (with either plan) -- what do do with all those old toilets?
>Take up landfill space?  That's not very "sustainable".  Maybe there's a
>market for crushed up toilets -- powder for use in concrete?  Recycle
>the material into new toilets?  I don't know, but my experience with
>busted toilets is that they turn into many sharp pieces.  I'm sure
>someone knows what can be done, but before we get too carried away with
>the retrofitting I think we need to find out what to do with the old
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