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Wow, what a tirade from the Woolf camp. Her lack of reasoning ability really doesn't justify a response, but I'll oblige, briefly!    

>From what I make of the Wilson camp--as well as his congregation, they exhibit superior morals by far than the Intoleristas (you know who you are) on this forum that hide behind pen names (whilst slinging the stench from the extreme left). Further, a quick google search of your name in Moscow reveals that you are involved in scandal after scandal at every crossroad. And, since you've elevated this to an ad hominem level, what a fine specimen.....I feel sorry for your husband. 

Anyway, I respectfully listen to others' opinions and, although I may disagree, I don't name call and presume stupidity because of differences in belief systems. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I guess "guy," "dude," and Mr. Ed (an animal) aren't that bad...but, my name really is Ed, Jackie. I love being called names, especially from someone so loving as you so imply..

The history lesson wasn't necessary...but perhaps I'll check out the racist Dr. Seuss classic you promote. 

Lastly, Jackie misquotes me by saying "Now you seem to be saying we are doomed to perdition with no hope, no way out and no future simply because, in your opinion, some very loving and caring folks want to get married." If you can't comprehend plain English, then don't read my posts. I never implied that homosexual marriage, it itself, is responsible for all the ills of the world--it is simply one of the many problems, we, as a Nation, face. Further, it's your opinion that these people I refer to are loving and caring..   Watch your modifiers, Jackie. 

This tongue-tied horse is off to see the sandman, Cheers!

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  Mr. Ed reminds me of man that has his tongue tied in the middle and both 
  ends flapping...he is constantly making nothing but noise....are you perhaps 
  a "wilson in the making" or what?

  I go away for a weekend and come back to several, not a few, but SEVERAL 
  e-mails from the guy, none of them with anything really worth the time it 
  took for him to dither on about.


  What absolute proof do you have the the gay community/people/lifestyle, etc. 
  is doing the damage you continue to go on about, is the root of all evil?  I 
  just got through reading a series of books about the "good old Wild West 
  Days" - do you realize how many people were killed during that time just 
  because they looked funny? or had land someone else wanted? or were 
  "sod-busters" or ranchers? or were carring money from one side of the 
  country to the other to start a new life with? or someone thought they had 
  gold? or during the Civil War? etc.?  It is AMAZING to me that anyone 
  survived those times to continue the Country's development.

  How about the Roman times or the early Christian days?  How many folks died 
  for their faith?  MILLIONS and MILLIONS. Or the Norman Invasions of Ireland? 
    Or the Hun Wars?  The list just keeps growing.  Not because there were 
  gays or because gay people were getting married.  Shoot, dude - what's next?

  Dr. Seuss wrote a book back in the 60's called "The Sneetches", which is one 
  of my favorite books and was one of my favorite tv shows when they did it.  
  It speaks VOLUMES of racisim and prejudice in very simple terms.  You might 
  want to pick up and read it some time.

  Can you honestly say that one thing is the cause of all of the world's ills? 
    Funny thing is, when Adam and Eve were in the Garden, ALONE, evil started 
  at that first bite.  That sealed the deal, so to speak, until the Cross came 
  along to unseal it.  Now you seem to be saying we are doomed to perdition 
  with no hope, no way out and no future simply because, in your opinion, some 
  very loving and caring folks want to get married.  Wow...whatEVER did God do 
  before you came along to set Him straight?  Here HE thought HE had things 
  under control and things all lined up and YOU seem to have all it sown up 
  for Him in one tight little package.  Guess the only thing left for Him to 
  do is take that long awaited and anticipated vacation.

  Good going.

  J  :]

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