[Vision2020] Pressurized Irrigation

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With the two lines, I would have a big resevoir, maybe comparable to Spring 
Valley or bigger. Hopefully this would be placed in a stategic location, 
which would catch the runoff and rain water in the spring time. We could 
also stock the resevoir with fish, which would give our youth a local place 
to get out of the house. Granted we could only draw so much water, but with 
a big resevoir hopefully the water will help us water our lawns for half or 
most of the summer. After that then the homeowners would have to use our 
drilled water if they want their lawns green.

Yeah yeah I know there are some concerns, but I think it really could be 


>From: "TIM RIGSBY" <tim.rigsby at hotmail.com>
>To: vision2020 at moscow.com
>Subject: [Vision2020] Pressurized Irrigation
>Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2006 10:56:45 -0600
>I like your idea of runing two water lines, one for potable water and one 
>for non-potable.  This idea is not new but in fact already in use in the 
>Boise area.  The only problem, other than shotty installs that lead to 
>leaky pipes down the road, is that the pressurized system is in fact grey 
>but relies upon precipitation in order for it to be effective.  If Moscow 
>were to require grey water line installs, they would need some sort of 
>catch pond, pumps, and precipitation.  What would the homeowners do if 
>Moscow had an off year of precipitation?
>The other idea that has always kind of bugged me about home building in 
>Moscow is that a number of homes require drainage systems around the homes 
>foundation.  Often times the water that is caught in the drain tile is sent 
>down the sewer.  Why is there not a way to catch the water from the drain 
>tile and route it towards a large septic type tank so that the homeowner 
>can reuse the water?  Granted the cost of homes would increase slightly, 
>but Moscow would be better off in the long run to ask that new home 
>construction use a reclamation system such as this.
>All Moscow can hope for at this point is more surface precipitation, better 
>use of vegetation, and an increased emphasis on water conservation.
>P.S. Happy Earth Day!  I am off to the Boise Earth Day Festival.  I will 
>try and get some pictures up on flickr for those that are interested.
>P.P.S. I also have to disagree with Bill London for a change.  I think that 
>the cemetery is an important place to keep looking good.  Respect should be 
>sent out to those who have blazed the Moscow trail throughout history.
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