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Visionaires -

I am not certain, but I believe that Tom Ivie brought up a question
concerning the use of domestic water versus reclaimed water (effluent) when

I believe that there is a state requirement concerning when effluent can be
used for irrigation; that this requirement suggests that the use of effluent
cannot be within a certain distance of housing, commercial businesses, etc.
etc.  I can research this and get back with anybody that is concerned on

In the interim I have made available a PDF file (approximately 4 megabytes)
depicting the 2006 UI Irrigation System at:


It is a one-page, ultra-high resolution file.

If anybody is interested in UI policy, contact me off-list.


Tom Hansen
Moscow, Idaho

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and the REALIST adjusts his sails." 
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This community has a couple of mutually-exclusive ideas about our water
(meaning the aquifer beneath us).
One --the aquifer water is a resource we can use, and use up.
Two -- the aquifer water is irreplaceable and we should maintain it  
as is.

That leads us to chase the Naylor Farms proposal out of town, but  
the WSU golf course and the green lawn at the Moscow Cemetery.

I am conservative by nature, and want to support the maintenance of the
existing level of water in the aquifer.  It's like money in the  
bank.  In an
era of major climate change, maybe our children will need it.  So, I say
leave it there and adjust our lives to preserve it.

And therefore, I see no need to water the lawn at the Moscow  
Cemetery.  I
have been to all the public cemeteries in Latah County.  Only a few are
irrigated.  I do not think the beauty or reverence of the cemeteries are
determined by irrigation.  I think this Council's special deal on cheap
water for the cemetery is foolish.  The cemetery district officials  
not have made that request.

If you'll pardon a little levity from a cemetery tax payer, may I  
quote slightly out of context from the Bible? "The living know that  
they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no more reward,  
and even the memory of them is lost" (Ecclesiastes 9:5). I agree with  
Bill London. The dead do not need to be watered.

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