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 Arrest records are a matter of public record.  All arrests made by this
agency are printed up and placed on a clipboard in the office for the public
and the press to read.  Since Tolan was arrested for the crime of rape, his
name was on the list.  My option as PIO is to either spread the public
information regarding the arrest (which is my job) or hide it from view
(which is decidedly unethical).  The release, I think, clearly indicates
that the events are the interpretation of the victim and that the affidavit
filed by this Office was based on her statements and of evidence found at
the scene.  However, the public should keep in mind that Tolan has been
arrested not convicted of the crime of rape.  

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On 4/19/06, Jennifer McFarland <jmcfarland at latah.id.us> wrote:

> On 4/19/2006 at approximately 02:12, deputies responded to a rape 
> report at a residence between Moscow and Troy on Hwy. 8.  The 30 
> year-old female victim reported that Darlo Doran Tolan II, a 19 
> year-old Coflax man, forcibly and repeatedly raped her.

While I have no reason to  doubt that this incident occurred precisely as
reported, I do wonder whether it is ethical to publish the name of the
merely accused.  Rape is an especially heinous crime, and it carries with it
a permanent taint, regardless of the final verdict.

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