[Vision2020] Re: Nick apologizes for laws rationalizing murder.....

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Fri Apr 21 07:08:53 PDT 2006


If I live in a society that allows you the right to vote and you happen to vote for Bush, does that mean that I "support" the killing of Iraqi citizens?

It is about choice and that fact that, no matter how bright you think you are, I don't want you making these kinds of choices for me. I want to make them myself, even if you strongly disagree. 

The law should concern itself with clear harms to clear persons and let people make the difficult, philosophical decisions.

Joe Campbell

---- ToeKneeTime at aol.com wrote: 

I believe my reference to you as DR Megele was appropriate given your  
shameful support for abortion on demand.  Therefore, no apology will be  forthcoming.
This is not the classroom Nick, and one is not required to read all of your  
past postings before taking a position on abortion or any other question.   
And my failure to sit up for days reading every one of your long winded posts,  
does not mean I am not "paying attention".  
You can play the part of the learned egghead.  I'm just an average  American 
with a CONSCIENCE.  I said the other day, brilliantly I might add,  that you 
wax on in favor of animal rights and insect rights, but you can't bring  
yourself to advocate for the most vulnerable members of YOUR OWN SPECIES!
You apparently weren't paying attention to that crucial point because you  
failed to enlighten us as to your complete lack of perspective.  You say  you 
don't encourage the killing of a living being, yet you support those who are  
engaged in doing precisely that!  
I'd say WHACKED pretty much sums it up.

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