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And with Bruce's concise interpretation and analysis, which I am in full 
agreement with, and realizing that the alleged incident involved only one 
single individual acting on his/her own, may we put this molehill of an 
issue to bed, consigning it to the dustbin of history, with the 
understanding that there was no massive conspiracy afoot, allowing us to 
entertain more important issues, such as whether or not Adam Morrison should 
have turned pro or waited another year?  That was all one sentence, by the 
way.     Carl Westberg Jr.

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>I suppose it is relevant what the criminal law defines as trespass, and I 
>don't have the time to research all of the other laws that might 
>conceivably apply to the alleged Jackie Woolf photography shoot, but 
>wandering around on anyone's private property without permission seems 
>wrong to me.  If there isn't an applicable law, "there oughta be a  law." 
>One ought to ask permission, notwithstanding the lack of posted "no 
>trespassing" signs, and if nobody is home to give you permission, you ought 
>to walk back down the sidewalk from the front door that wasn't answered and 
>leave the property immediately without wandering around on someone else's 
>Bruce Livingston
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>>Just a note for clarification.
>>I’m not going to quote all 75 sections of Idaho state law that deal  with 
>>trespassing. But, in summary, trespassing on property requires  leaving 
>>gates open, damaging property in specified ways, or ignoring  "no 
>>trespassing" signs posted at defined intervals/in defined places  (see 
>>18-7011 below.) Trespassing on privacy requires peering into a  structure 
>>without having a visible or lawful purpose (see 18-7006  below).
>>Kit Craine
>>Idaho State Code
>>person who, without consent of the owner or person in charge of  any lands 
>>which are inclosed by fences of any description sufficient  to show the 
>>boundaries of the land inclosed, shall go upon such lands  and shall leave 
>>open any gates on or about said premises, or who  shall tear down or lay 
>>down any fencing, or who shall willfully  remove, mutilate, damage or 
>>destroy any "No Trespassing" signs or  markers, or who shall go through 
>>cultivated crops that have not been  harvested, or who shall damage any 
>>property thereon, or who without  permission of the owner or the owner's 
>>agent enters the real property  of another person where such real property 
>>is posted with "No  Trespassing" signs or other notices of like meaning 
>>spaced at  intervals of not less than one (1) notice per six hundred sixty 
>>(660)  feet along such real property, is guilty of a misdemeanor and on 
>>conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail  not 
>>exceeding six (6) months or by a fine of not less than twenty- five 
>>dollars ($25.00) and not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000)  or by 
>>both such fine and imprisonment. Where the geographical  configuration of 
>>the real property is such that entry can reasonably  be made only at 
>>certain points of access, such property is posted  sufficiently for all 
>>purposes of this section if said signs or  notices are posted at such 
>>points of access.
>>     As used in this subsection and in section 18-7008, Idaho Code: 
>>"enters," "entry" and "entering" mean going upon or over real  property 
>>either in person or by causing any object, substance or  force to go upon 
>>or over real property.
>>     (2)  No motor vehicle shall be willfully or intentionally driven 
>>into, upon, over or through any private land actively devoted to 
>>cultivated crops without the consent of the owner of the land or the 
>>tenant, lessee or agent of the owner of the land actively devoted to 
>>cultivated crops. Violation of the provisions of this section shall  be a 
>>misdemeanor. For the purpose of this subsection, motor vehicle  shall be 
>>defined as set forth in sections 49-114 and 49-123, Idaho  Code. Land 
>>actively devoted to cultivated crops shall be defined as  land that is 
>>used to produce field crops including, but not limited  to, grains, feed 
>>crops, legumes, fruits and vegetables.
>>Idaho State Code
>>     18-7006.  TRESPASS OF PRIVACY. It shall be unlawful for any  person, 
>>upon the private property of another, to intentionally look,  peer or peek 
>>in the door, window, or other transparent opening of any  inhabited 
>>building or other structure located thereon, without  visible or lawful 
>>purpose. Any person who violates the provisions of  this section shall be 
>>guilty of a misdemeanor.
>>On Apr 19, 2006, at 8:29 PM, Andreas Schou wrote:
>>>On 4/19/06, g. crabtree <jampot at adelphia.net> wrote:
>>>>Judging from the enormous silence that greeted this topic when I  first
>>>>brought it up on 2&3 April, holding your breath and waiting on an answer
>>>>will be hazardous to your health. Apparently trespassing isn't as 
>>>>a crime as providing shelter to collage students.
>>>In Idaho, someone must receive a tresspass notice before it becomes a
>>>"crime." If they then return, it is considered misdemeanor
>>>tresspassing, and is punishable by a small fine.
>>>-- ACS
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