[Vision2020] Vision2020 in the yard and the Daylight Snafu?

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Wed Apr 19 20:16:45 PDT 2006

I know for a fact that there is another explanation. Trust me.
Joe Campbell

---- Donovan Arnold <donovanjarnold2005 at yahoo.com> wrote: 

 Jackie Woolf would not answer the question on V2020  because then it would be even more obvious that she is in fact J Ford.  See, yes?
 She will just most likely keep the name J Ford and  deny she is Jackie Woolf and say at the same time Jackie Woolf did not  trespass. 

Robert Sentz <robsentz at hotmail.com> wrote:  I was wondering if Jackie would not mind answering Joan's question here on 
Vision 2020?  . . .just to set the record straight.

>From: Donovan Arnold 
>To: Joan Opyr , Donatelo Juan 
>CC: Vision2020 Moscow 
>Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Vision2020 in the yard and the Daylight Snafu?
>Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 17:19:24 -0700 (PDT)
>   Jackie Woolf is J Ford.
>  This story of Jackie Woolf trespassing  takes me back to when someone 
>trespassed on CJ's downtown bar and  destroyed some of the property after 
>the owner opposed the Moscow  School Levy and got into arguments with 
>Jackie Woolf and some  Intoleristas. ~Just something to think about.
>   Joan Opyr, Rose Huskey, Keely Mix, Tom Hansen, and Wayne Fox are all  
>fully aware of the fact that Jford is Jackie Woolf. I find it hilarious  
>that Joan would intentionally try to pull the wool over Vision 2020  
>readers as though we are as gullible as some of the blind followers of  her 
>  There is such hypocrisy here. They attack others  for violating the law, 
>yet violate the law themselves, then lie about  it and lie they know 
>anything about it. What do you think Joan and  Rose's reaction would be if 
>a Wilson or NSA student was caught  trespassing on Joan's property?
>  I am extremely bothered by  a group of self appointed vigilantes, that 
>insult people, attack their  character, trespass, take pictures of their 
>house and property, record  people's personal information, the number of 
>people in their household,  and cost the taxpayers tens of thousands in 
>research, time, and money,  by taking away resources from the Police 
>Department and the city  government that are needed to solve our current 
>   _DJA
>   The following article was copied from 
>   "Sunday Morning Daylight Savings Snafu
>   Topic: Moscow Diversity Cleansing  As  you perhaps know, everybody 
>should have set their clocks ahead so that  they could arrive at worship on 
>time. This we did, and after services  some of my kids (and their kids) 
>came by our house after church for  some of our usual eating and 
>fellowship. They arrived here before we  did, and were astonished to find 
>Jackie Woolf, one of the Intoleristas,  on our property. If this is not a 
>familiar name to you all, her  alter-ego (J. Ford) posts regular attacks 
>against Christ Church, New  St. Andrews, and me on Vision 20/20. When the 
>kids first got here, she  was up on the neighbor's property southwest of 
>us, and the neighbor was  pointing items of interest out to her. After 
>that, she hiked down onto  our driveway (on our property), and then over 
>onto the hillside under  our house (also on our property) overlooking our 
>lower acreage, at  which time she began taking pictures of it all. So there 
>she was in our  yard, although it must be
>  admitted that this portion of our yard  that she was standing on has to 
>be considered as sort of a feral yard.  So let me tell you what happened 
>     My son and daughter went down to our lower drive and Rachel said, 
>"Hey, Jackie. Whatcha workin'on?"
>     She replied, "None of your business."
>     Nate said, "Well, it actually is, because you're on our land."
>     Then she said, "It's not your land."
>     And Nate said, "Yeah, it is. See that fenceline?"
>     With  that she said, "Whatever," and harumphed off, taking her camera 
>with  her and (one presumes) some excessively incrimating photos of early  
>spring at My Place.
>     When I got home, and these amazing  events were related to me, my wife 
>and I decided that we really ought  to call the cops. This is not because 
>we hyper-ventilate when  neighborhood kids use our driveway to get to 
>school. "Be our guest,"  about sums up our philosophy on these things. But 
>we thought that we  needed to have some legal record of the event, which we 
>now have.
>     I  had no idea that the Intoleristas were into Special Ops. We are 
>dealing  with people who might have a War Room in somebody's basement, with 
>a  map of my land on the wall, with red and blue pins sticking in the map,  
>and grease pencil stratagems sketched out, though the complexities of  
>daylight savings time are apparently beyond them ("Hey! What are thy  doing 
>back from church already?"). We are dealing with people  who probably have 
>satellite photos of our land, and it follows from  this that they really 
>ought to have a better notion of where it  actually is.
>     This also presents me with the opportunity  to proclaim to all who are 
>interested that our private driveway is not  a city-owned fire lane, or 
>city-owned anything else. It is a private drive  that runs spang through 
>the middle of our three acres. And this may  serve as my formal public 
>notice that friends, neighbors, and other  friendly people are welcome to 
>drop by anytime. But we would really  prefer that those of Hostile 
>Disposition try to get a grip, unless it  is a grip on a camera while 
>hiking on our land.
>     This sort  of thing really makes me wonder how often folks have been 
>tromping  around out here when we are at church. It also makes me wonder 
>how many  people among the Intoleristas are actually involved in it, and if 
>any  of them will express any kind of embarrassment over this. That is not  
>impossible, but we have been dealing with this kind of thing for so  long 
>that I have to say that I would be suprised if they do. The Eagles  had a 
>great song that I think really ought to become our theme song  with regard 
>to all this -- "Get Over It."
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>Joan Opyr  wrote:  On Apr 19, 2006, at 3:58 PM, 
>Donatelo Juan wrote:
> > Hi Visionaries
> >
> > Joan,
> >
> > I think you might have your statemenst confused a little.  Michael
> > stated that he created a second ficticious person on the Wilson
> > property.  Michael has never stated anything concerning J Ford (Jakie
> > Wolf) being on that property.
> >
> >
> >> Didn't Michael Metzler already announce right here on this very list
> >> that no such trespass ever happened?  That he had created this myth
> >> on his blog, Poohsthink.com, as an April Fool's Day joke to see 1) if
> >> Doug Wilson would fall for it, and 2) if Doug Wilson would find it
> >> funny, given the Christ Church elders' professed fondness for
> >> "Trinitarian skylarking."  For heaven's sake, sometimes living in
> >> this town is like playing telephone.  What begins as a pile of horse
> >> shit up on Steakhouse Hill becomes Mt. Ranier on Palouse River
> >> Driver.  Let's bury this manure once and for all, shall we?  Please?
> >>
> > Sorry about your pile, but maybe it will make the grass grow.
> >
> > Mat
>J. Ford has never been positively identified on Vision 2020 as Jackie
>Woolf.  J. Ford has been accused of being Jackie Woolf, always by
>members of Christ Church like Doug Farris who ask the same tired and
>silly question, "Why are you so bitter?"  One might ask Mr. Farris the
>same question or, better yet, why he cares?  Anyhow, I am acquainted
>with Jackie Woolf.  I'll email her and ask if she was ever "caught" on
>the Wilson property taking photos.  I'll also ask her if she was ever
>there taking photos without being caught.  Sounds like pure (and
>paranoid) fantasy to me.
>Joan Opyr
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>New West Magazine
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