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I don't know anything about the FBI ever investigating the Kirk.  However, 
the SPLC came to town after pronouncing Christ Church and its odious slavery 
booklet a concern; I was privileged to attend an SPLC seminar in community 
engagement and was impressed with their evenhandedness.

The fact is, Gary, when you write a booklet saying that southern slavery was 
an exercise -- the best the world has ever seen, in fact -- of racial 
harmony in Christ, you're going to get some attention.  When it's then 
discovered that you have an unseemly allegiance to the Confederacy, disallow 
women in leadership, and believe that only male heads of household who are 
property owners should vote, people like Mark Potok and SPLC will want to 
come out and see what's going on.

And why wouldn't they?  I don't imagine the head of Pedigree Dog Foods or 
the executive director of the U.S. Curling Federation will drop by, but a 
group dedicated to routing out and putting under racist groups will 
undoubtedly take some interest, a fact that you really can't find that 
surprising, can you?

And I'll take this opportunity to say a public "thank you" to my friend Tom 
Hansen for his diligence in creating "Not on the Palouse," which is an 
enormously valuable storehouse of primary source documents that should be 
more than enough to explain to you what all the uproar is.  Tom doesn't 
deserve your snottiness.


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Apparently I am missing a major piece of the narrative with regard to the 
ongoing saga of CC in Moscow. At what point was the FBI involved in any part 
of this long and progressively more byzantine story? I thought that I had 
been following this more closely than any sane person should and yet this 
part is news to me. Since Michael is unavailable, can anyone else help me 
with this seemingly important point? Rose? Joan? Wayne? I would think that 
sharing what would seem to be the most salacious features here would be a 
treat. Or is this part of a fevered and hyperactive imagination.

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   Gary Writes:

   Michael, your post made quite a bit of sense right up to the last half of 
the last sentence. What do the feds have to do with as trivial a matter as 
this? How is the SPLC going to parlay this matter into additional treasure? 
It seems that you are leaving something out. Something I have asked after in 
the past, to no avail. Will this be the time that you provide me with, or 
direct me to an answer?


   Gary, I don't know what other asking you are referring to here; but to 
answer this question, I guess I would just claim ignorance on all this while 
seeking to make a simple inference.  I only see sameness or regress in the 
cultural situation at CC.  And so whatever brought the SPLC or feds here the 
first time could just as easily bring them here the second time-so it seems 
to me anyway.  I thought this was a fairly innocent and non-controversial 
point I was making.  I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on that part 
of my post which was not the last half and the last sentence.  I'm done 
writing for this weekend; see you next week perhaps.




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