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Monday, April 17, 2006                                                                                                  7:00 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers

 206 East Third Street, Second Floor

The Moscow Mayor, City Council and Staff welcome you to tonight's meeting.  We appreciate and encourage public participation.  For regular agenda items, an opportunity for public comment is sometimes provided after the staff report.  However, the formality of procedures varies with the purpose and subject of the agenda item; therefore, the Mayor may exercise discretion in deciding when to allow public comment during the course of the proceedings and limitations will be placed on the time allowed for comments.  Citizens wishing to comment on business which is not on the agenda will be provided the opportunity to do so as item number 2.  If you plan to address the Council, you will find a list of "Tips for Addressing the Council" on the table outside the City Council Chambers.  Thank you for your interest in City government.


RENEWING OUR FOCUS - At each meeting, one City Council member will present an example of patriotism, humanitarianism, community spirit, or other inspirational message.  Contact a Council-member with examples to share at future meetings.


1.	Consent Agenda:  Any item will be removed from the consent agenda at the request of any member of the Council and that item will be considered separately later.  Approval by roll call vote.


A.     Approval of Minutes of April 3, 2006 - Stephanie Kalasz


B.     Disbursement Report for March 2006 - Don Palmer

Public Works/Finance Committee reviewed accounts payable for March 2006 and recommends approval of the following:






HUD Reserve


Parks & Rec


1912 Center




Water Fund


Sewer Fund




Fleet Mgmt Fund


Enterprise Construction


Capital Projects


LID Construction


Hamilton P&R


Bond & Interest


LID Special Assessment





2.	Public Comment and Mayor's Response Period (limit 15 minutes) - For members of the Public to speak to the Council regarding matters NOT on the Agenda and not currently pending before the Planning and Zoning Commission or Board of Adjustment, please state your name and address for the record and limit remarks to three minutes.  Mayor will respond to comments from previous meeting. 


3.	Gas Franchise Renewal Ordinance - Gary J. Riedner

On March 6, 2006, Council extended the natural gas franchise ordinance (due to expire on March 7, 2006) for a period of 60 days to account for the time necessary to implement a new franchise. The proposed Ordinance has a term of ten years with a renewal term of fifteen years.  The Administrative Committee reviewed this matter on February 28, 2006 and forwarded a recommendation of approval to the City Council for consideration.  The proposed Franchise Agreement was considered on first reading March 6, second reading on March 20, and scheduled the third reading for April 17, 2006.  This timeline was necessary to meet the 30 day requirement imposed by Idaho Code §50-329.


ACTION:  Adopt Ordinance on third reading and that it be read and published by title only; or reject the Ordinance; or take such other action deemed appropriate.


4.	Gosselin Lot Line Adjustment - Andrew Ackerman

Tod Gosselin owns a vacant .43 acre parcel of property at 2925 Joseph Street that was recently created in an approved lot split. Due to reasons outlined in his letter, he is now requesting that the boundary lines of the subject lot be adjusted as shown in the attached documents. The proposed new lot dimensions would not change the square footage of the lot and would meet all the minimum requirements for lot dimensions and street frontage in the Low Density Single-Family Residential (R-1) Zoning District.  Reviewed by the Public Works/Finance Committee on March 27, 2006.


ACTION:  Approve the lot line adjustment; or reject the lot line adjustment; or take such other action deemed appropriate.


5.	Cemetery Water/Sewer Rates - Don Palmer/Les MacDonald

Beginning upon October 1, 2005, the Moscow Cemetery Maintenance District was billed the commercial water and sewer rates based upon a four inch meter as was established under the utility rate study conducted in 2005.   Water services are billed at the rate of $187.50 per month and $1.55 per CCF, while sewer is billed at the commercial rate.  Prior to October 1, 2005, the District was charged only $0.15 per CCF for water.  After implementation of the new rate structure, it was brought to our attention that the Cemetery District is significantly different than most commercial properties and was not adequately addressed during the 2005 rate study.  Staff will present a proposed rate adjustment for the Cemetery District for the Committee's consideration.  This was considered by the Public Works/Finance Committee on April 10, 2006.


ACTION:  Accept one of the alternative proposals as presented or reject all proposals; or take such other action deemed appropriate.


6.	Quarterly Financial Report - Don Palmer

Staff will present the financial report for the second quarter of fiscal year 2005-2006 (January 1, 2006 through March 31, 2006).


ACTION:  Accept Report.



            Administrative Committee

            Public Works/Finance Committee

            Other Boards & Commissions



EXECUTIVE SESSION - Legal Issue - Pursuant to Idaho Code Section 67-2345(1)




NOTICE:  Individuals attending the meeting who require special assistance to accommodate physical, hearing, or other impairments, please contact the City Clerk, at (208) 883-7015, as soon as possible so that arrangements may be made.



Stephanie Kalasz

Moscow City Clerk


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