[Vision2020] Illegals--how convenient

Andreas Schou ophite at gmail.com
Tue Apr 11 11:18:16 PDT 2006

> I live hand to mouth. I am part of America's Working Poor. I know what it
> means to not know where the money to pay the bills comes from. Just
> remember, God ordained government. Ignoring it has consequences. Here is a
> documented example. I was recently reading a book on immigration by Roberto
> Suro. He talked about the Mam Indians of Guatamala. Many of them are
> Evangelical Christians who came illegally, not to avoid the death squads,
> where seeking asylum would have been appropriate, but for jobs. They have
> pretty much taken over the janitorial services in a major grocery store
> chain in Houston. The only problem was that their children began joining
> gangs. Many families took their children back to Guatamala, gave up their
> jobs to save their kids. It might sound a little simplistic, but it is true.
> Bad things happen when people ignore God's instructions  and Laws. I don't
> hate Mexicans. I pray for the Mexican economy almost daily. That being said,
> illegal immigration i! s still wrong, because it is
> illegal.

Where in Leviticus is American immigration law specified? Or do I need
your special Bible to find it?

-- ACS

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