[Vision2020] Illegals

keely emerinemix kjajmix1 at msn.com
Tue Apr 11 04:58:13 PDT 2006

Thanks, Andreas.

I chose last night to deal with Mekt7's simplistisc take on the issue with 
sarcasm for one reason and one reason only -- I was angry enough to do so as 
a slightly more responsible alternative to just ripping the author to shreds 
with an all-out assault of impassioned, angry prose.

Now that I've calmed down, I want to echo much of what Andreas says and add 
some other points:

First of all, no one coming here from, say, Mexico would ever claim refugee 
status.  Generations of entrenched poverty, with the corruption, lack of 
education, and cyclical hopelessness it entails, is not the same as drought, 
civil war, genocide or other catastrophes that rightly warrant refugee 
status.  That doesn't mean that people aren't suffering.  It means their 
suffering is largely, politically, unrecognized.

Second, the United States doesn't even guarantee safe haven -- permanent 
legal status -- for underage girls seeking protection from societies that 
carve up their genitals to keep them safe and pure, even when the certainty 
of mutilation upon return can be proven.  A wave of people who are "only" 
desperate and poor can hardly presume greater protection.

Third, the enormity of paperwork, court appearances, evidence, unclear laws, 
unscrupulous immigration attorneys, financial cost and the sheer amount of 
time -- time that could be spent working to send money home to wives and 
children -- makes applying for asylum not just hopeless, but prohibitive in 
virtually every way.  That's not  a lack of trust.  That's reality.

I regret if my previous sarcasm was unseemly, but perhaps a little serrated 
edge of my own wielded against those who would scamper for cover with the 
Pharisees is warranted.  Because the outcome of such thinking is virulently 
anti-Christian, and you know how I get when that happens . . .

And yes, I consider tenants of illegal boarding houses to be undocumented, 
although "illegals" would seem to fit here as well.


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Subject: Re: [Vision2020] Illegals
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Praise be to God, who in His infinite wisdom has begun to process
immigration paperwork Himself, at a pace that, perhaps, He finds more

Have you ever worked with INS? How about Homeland Security, after INS
was folded into them? They move roughly as quickly as molasses in deep
space, and, while they move, you are incarcerated, separately from
your kids, in a holding facility. You then come before an
administrative law court where the burden of proof rests on you and
you are not guaranteed an attorney.

I have seldom seen a paragraph so fractally wrong.

-- ACS

On 4/10/06, mekt7 at netscape.net <mekt7 at netscape.net> wrote:
 >  I finally figured out what it was about illegals that bother me. 
 > of nationality, illegals don't trust God to provide them a lawful way to
 > enter the US legally. Real politcal refugees can request asylum. If they
 > come from countries with a serious track record for cruelty and there is 
 > reasonable case, they usually will get asylum.
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