[Vision2020] Nathan Alford's "Postings"

Bill London london at moscow.com
Sat Apr 8 15:14:33 PDT 2006

my guess is that Nathan is a subscriber to the V2020 digest and when the
digest version appears in his box, an automatic reply is sent to the list
saying he is on another junket.

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> Greetings:
> Some of you may have seen Nathan Alford's "postings" on the Vision.  This
is the third one that I've counted.  Somehow his automatic reply does not go
to the person who e-mailed him but to the Vision instead.  If he is replying
to me, perhaps he thinks that I live here.  I've sent him an e-mail with the
most recent "post," and the one you saw this morning may have been another
automatic response.
> Just wanted to try to explain this mysterious phenomenon.
> Nick Gier
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