[Vision2020] My Town Reaction

J Ford privatejf32 at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 7 20:23:12 PDT 2006

Ok, ToeKnee...right from a CC'er (poohsthink.com):

"Doug Wilson thought this documentary did a good job representing the issues 
and both ‘sides’ of the conflict. Wilson was happy when it came out and 
recommended it. In many respects, the documentary was even handed; that is 
true. But it hardly represents a faithful Christian Church in a small 
community. I would certainly get a copy and check it out. I really liked the 
part where Steve Wilkins explains his position about property ownership and 
voting. "

If you get a chance, watch it yourself; see if you don't have the same 
reaction as those of us who have seen it.

J  :]

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