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I love that idea!  It would be easily accessible by vehicle, path, and sidewalk for everyone, but especially children.  Not requiring costly road upgrades.  The trick would be in getting the property owners to work out a deal.  The Thompson property is roughly twice as large as the Clyde property so the city would have to fork over some cash.  You would think that Frank Bennett would probably rather have fields by his house than development though.  Anyone floated the idea of Thompson High School and Playfields?  What a legacy!!!

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  “How about putting the park that needs lights somewhere else other than the only place in the city where we cannot have lights on.”
  Yes.  How about the Thompson property?  The amount of money, time, and effort required to convert the Thompson property into a baseball/softball/soccer complex would be far less than required on the property south of the UI Arboretum.  This would also maintain the locale’s “green”ery.
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  "There should be some sort of compromise here. Put in the lights. Lights are a safety issue also.They do not have to be on all the time. I doubt the the observatory would require no lights every night or that the playfield would need them every night. Work out a schedule that accommodates both."--Roger Falen

I agree Roger. The baseball team can use the lights everyday from 7 AM to 7PM and the Observatory can have them off from 7PM to 7AM.--This would be fair.

Of course, when you have people waiting years to use the observatory and millions of dollars in outside funding riding on it, it might take a while before the lights can come on at night. And also keep in mind that an image in space can take days to develop and lights turned on can ruin that image.

Here is an idea. How about putting the park that needs lights somewhere else other than the only place in the city where we cannot have lights on. Just a thought.


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