[Vision2020] Imprecatory prayer

ToeKneeTime at aol.com ToeKneeTime at aol.com
Wed Apr 5 20:05:35 PDT 2006

Pull your claws in you contentious broad.  If I did not appreciate  your 
expansive familiarity with the Wilson phenomenon, I wouldn't have ask  several of 
you to enlighten me.  At no point did I claim to be familiar  with this 
particular issue, among the many discussed here.  If you cannot  respond to a polite 
request for information without delivering a condescending  and paternalistic 
lecture, then spare me your arrogant lecturing  altogether and keep your 
mouth shut.
I have every intention of familiarizing myself with Mr. Wilson's books as  
well as researching what personally motivates you in your seething hatred of  
him.  My experience with your type, Joan, is that you are tyrannical  
narcissists who's judgment one MUST ALWAYS QUESTION!  I notice that when  you don your 
combat boots and rant hysterically at those who would DARE to  DISAGREE with 
SUPERJOAN, you keep it off list, all the better to maintain this  facade of you 
as the reasoning intellectual.  Next time you crumble into  COMPLETE 
HYSTERICS, won't you at least have the courage to do it on list?
Sincerely,  TONY
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