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Steven Basoa sbasoa at moscow.com
Wed Apr 5 15:59:23 PDT 2006

Moving the fairgrounds to the area just south of the cemetery would  
be an ideal use of that location.  It seems as if there would be more  
than enough room to include a good sized horse arena, a regulation  
size, fully enclosed ice rink, plenty of parking and even a ballfield  
or two.  Everyone wins.

I've heard members of the Thompson family say they were proud of what  
they have done for the city of Moscow.  Changing their plans for the  
land from a SuperWalmart to a new fairgrounds would be an incredible  
gift to the entire county.  And I don't mean to imply that they  
should donate the land.  They could still make a ton of money by  
selling the land to the city/county.  And the end result would be  
much, much more beneficial for everyone.

Just a thought.

On Apr 5, 2006, at 10:46 AM, April Fingerlos wrote:

Yes, the arena does get used. The problem with it, however, is that's  
it's WAY too small for any modern event. It worked well in the 60's  
and 70's when trailers were small, but today's trailers are so much  
larger that it's impossible to fit enough into that small parking  
area safely and still have a profitable show (my 2-horse trailer is  
taller, wider, and longer than most older 4 horse trailers). The lack  
of fencing, water, and stalls further complicate the issue,  
especially in terms of liability insurance for the host organization,  
or the fair board itself. The arena is of very good size--any smaller  
and it would not be useful. I can't think of a single boarding stable  
that could take on the same events with their own meager parking.  
Paradise, Wonder, and Sunshine have all tried, but their parking  
situation is even worse. The new arena at the Potlatch Y that borders  
the Silver Spurs arena even has the same issue. If I had to pick one,  
perhaps the Cayuse Kids arena in Princ!
  eton would fit more trailers, but their parking is even more odd.   
In Latah county at least, that fairgrounds is the best public venue  
we have.

There are several local saddle and 4-H clubs that utilize the arena  
for practices, clinics, and small shows, however. I haul there for  
off-site schooling several times each summer.

I do what I can within my ApHC non-pro status to assist the local 4-H  
groups, and one of my biggest irritants is how the horse projects are  
not part of the Latah County Fair. There just isn't room for them at  
the fairgrounds. There's hardly room for the fair as it is now, and  
it already creates havoc for the surrounding neighborhoods. Has there  
been any talk at all about relocating and expanding the fairgrounds,  
perhaps to something like Whitman counties' facility outside of  
Colfax? I'm not talking about attracting the large breed shows such  
as the ones I show at over on the coast or even the new South Coast  
facility (www.southcoasteventscenter.com) that I hope to show at next  
year, but instead simply having a facility in which the community can  
celebrate the achievements of the entire youth program at one time.


April Fingerlos
Moscow, ID

>>> Tom Ivie <the_ivies3 at yahoo.com> 4/5/2006 10:03:08 am >>>
   Whatever happened with the ice rink?  I have heard several ideas;  
move to Tidyman's, build a permanent building with a regulation size  
rink and keep the other for figure skating, etc.
   Does the horse arena at the fairgrounds ever get used? -Tom

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