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These kinds of prayers are common place at Head of Household and during 
Sunday morning services at CC.  This is NOT an unusual occurance.  All you 
have to do is read Wilson's books to see that he thinks this is the right 
way to pray for his "enemies".  If they die or are "squashed" he has fewer 
problems getting his way.  His prayers, not mine.

J  :]

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>Subject: [Vision2020] Re: Metzler excercises his right under 
>firstammendment (was Atwood letter)
>Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 22:47:23 EDT
>Unless Metzler's posted prayer was an official C.C. position rather than  
>personal views, it's content hardly merits this much attention.  You  have 
>understand his rage.  He and his church, in his view, have been  viciously
>maligned.  He was responding with predictable anger.  I  doubt he claims to 
>Remember when left-wing journalist Julianne Malveux  (spell?)   stated on
>national television that she hoped Clarence Thomas' wife fed him lots  of 
>and fattening foods so that he would die sooner by heart disease as so  
>black men do?
>Such venting happens all the time.  Are you really THAT thin  skinned?  I'd
>wager that Members of Moscow's left have wished similar fates  upon Wilson 
>his followers.

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