[Vision2020] Re: Metzler excercises his right under first ammendment (was Atwood letter)

ToeKneeTime at aol.com ToeKneeTime at aol.com
Tue Apr 4 19:47:23 PDT 2006

Unless Metzler's posted prayer was an official C.C. position rather than  his 
personal views, it's content hardly merits this much attention.  You  have to 
understand his rage.  He and his church, in his view, have been  viciously 
maligned.  He was responding with predictable anger.  I  doubt he claims to be 
Remember when left-wing journalist Julianne Malveux  (spell?)   stated on 
national television that she hoped Clarence Thomas' wife fed him lots  of eggs 
and fattening foods so that he would die sooner by heart disease as so  many 
black men do?  
Such venting happens all the time.  Are you really THAT thin  skinned?  I'd 
wager that Members of Moscow's left have wished similar fates  upon Wilson and 
his followers.
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