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For anyone interested, the infamous slavery booklet (Southern Slavery As it Was, by Doug Wilson and Steve Wilkins) is at the Moscow public library.
The shelf copies have been stolen, but the reference copy is available for in-library reading (it's about 45 pages, and a quick read).
There is also another similar booklet (Southern Slavery As it Wasn't, by Quinlan and Ramsey) which is a historical evaluation of the original.
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  I'd be interested in looking at a copy of this slavery booklet you mention.  My familiarity with Mr. Wilson is limited to the outstanding job he did some years back as the Lewiston Trib's token conservative editorialist.

  Nick, I am as troubled by much of what the Bible says as are you.  The unaltered word of God?  How the Hell can we know?  Gotta' figure ol' King James had his agendas......  Know one can "know" there is a God.  Nor can anyone "know" there is NO God.  Only choose to have faith or not.  As a guy who hears on Sunday how the whole shebang was created 7 thousand years ago, then enjoys a book on the C.T. mass extinction, I don't know what the Hell to believe.  So you will have to consult someone else with regard to fallen sparrows and spontaneously aborted humans.......

  Racism, sexism and abortion......  An ovum a baby?  All that an ovum will develop into if left unmolested is encoded at birth.  If it is NOT HUMAN, why this fascinatingly complex set of directions for assembly?  I don't approach questions of the uniquely human soul from a religious angle.  As said before, we'll eventually find out what it is.  What may the ramifications be with regard to the millions of lives ended at our hands?  To say that the conceptus has none of the qualities that make us human is to ignore that such qualities include and require this set of instructions.  Is not our human DNA a "quality that makes us human"?

  Before we could enslave blacks we had to dehumanize them.  They were viewed as less than human.  So too our enemies in war.  So too the aboriginal people we conquered in the 19th century.  Now we must dehumanize the unborn in order to rationalize our killing of them.  Ovum, blastocyst, lump of tissue.....


  100 years from now we will view those who supported abortion with the same disregard as we feel for those who supported slavery in 1860.

  Off to Geology class.......  --Tony


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