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ToeKneeTime at aol.com ToeKneeTime at aol.com
Sat Apr 1 13:34:05 PST 2006

The government cramming it's will down our throats by opposing gay  
"marriage", Sunil?  No, marriage has always entailed a man and a woman for  reasons 
which are obvious to well adjusted and rational folk.  It is the  left, once 
again, who is attempting to hijack and dismantle one of  civilization's 
cornerstones.  They are never content to live within  rules.  To them there is no 
objective truth, they are justified in making  up or altering the rules as they, in 
their infinite wisdom, see fit.   Like spoiled children, they petulantly stamp 
their feet, wave their placards and  demand their own way.  
Best,  --T
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