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Joan Opyr joanopyr at earthlink.net
Mon Oct 31 07:23:07 PST 2005

So, Donovan has taken a class in terrorism (Really?  From Osama 
himself?) and now he’s Richard Friggin’ Clark.  This is Wilson-think at 
its best – instant expert; just add ego.  Well, you can’t have the 
expert stage all to yourself, sonny boy.  Here are some classes I’ve 
taken and my consequent expertise:

Ballet – I’m better than Maria Tallchief
Tap – I’m better than Fred Astaire
Mathematics of Finance – Anyone need an uncertified CPA?
French – Just call me Napoleon Bonaparte
Guitar – ‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky
Cello (2 lessons) – I put the “yo” in Yo-Yo Ma
Tae Kwon Do – Given world enough and time, I could kick Jet Li’s ass
Bailed my late brother-in-law out of jail -- Oh George, I'm ready for 
my Supreme Court appointment!

For heaven’s sake, Donovan, put a sock in it.  You have demonstrated 
time and time again that you couldn’t find your butt in the dark with 
both hands tied behind your back.  I have read the 911 Commission 
Report.  I’ve read Richard Clark’s “Against All Enemies.”  I keep up 
with current events.  Am I a terrorism expert?  Hell no.  I’m an 
interested citizen with a library card.

Now, get a grip on yourself, Donovan – a different grip.  Let go of 
what you’ve currently got in your hands, reach up about three feet, and 
grab your tongue instead.  I will thank you, Sunil will thank you, and 
your poor relatives (at least those who are obliged to live here in 
Moscow) will thank you.  You are tarnishing the Arnold name; you really 
are.  As if old Benedict hadn’t done enough . . .

Joan Opyr/Auntie Establishment
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