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I think that you make a good point, Wayne -- many women are more comfortable 
talking to a woman after an assault, although I tend to be less concerned 
with the gender than the attitude and demeanor of the person investigating.  
All the more reason, then, why the belief that most rape reports are false 
is so damaging:  the barrier of opposite-gender interaction, laced with a 
presumption of disbelief, is difficult under normal social interaction.  
Interaction arising from the most invasive and humiliating circumstances 
only adds to it, to the detriment of the woman involved and the benefit, 
unfortunately, of men who prey on women.


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At the risk of appearing sexist:

I wonder what the opinions of past victims of sexual assault and/or the 
opinions of V 2020 posters are on the following:

Perhaps victims of sexual assault/abuse might be more comfortable talking to 
an experienced, qualified law enforcement officer of their own gender. 
Perhaps, such a policy would result in more and better reporting.

I am not shy and usually am comfortable talking to anyone on any subject 
regardless of gender (sometimes much to the embarrassment of the 
conversants).  But I know most other people feel differently.  Many women 
feel more comfortable, open, and expansive with a female gynecologist than a 
male.  Many men feel the same toward using a male urologist rather than a 

If one of the objects of reporting a sexual assault is to bring about an 
arrest and conviction, thus requiring the clearest and most expansive 
information from the victim, then perhaps a victim of sexual assault could 
be at least offered the alternative of choosing the gender of the 
investigating officer(s).  The same may also be true of the gender of those 
in the prosecutor's office with whom the victim interfaces.

Perhaps in time attitudes towards the gender of the investigators might 
change, but for now...

Art Deco (Wayne A. Fox)
deco at moscow.com

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>Ignoring that little voice in my head that says "don't even start," I 
>nonetheless will say this, Donovan:
>While I agree that newspapers sometimes get it wrong -- and yes, I've been 
>misquoted, too -- I have a hard time imagining that after reading a story 
>like that, normal people would say, "By golly, I bet that poor cop was 
>misquoted!  Yes, that must be it -- it's the ONLY LIKELY POSSIBILITY!" It's 
>even harder for me to imagine the following exchange:
>Reader to LMT:  Hi, I just read an article that made the cops quoted sound 
>like real idiots.  Now, tell me, Mr. Editor -- did they really say that, or 
>were you just kidding?
>Editor:  No, it's no joke at all.  We're a newspaper, not MAD magazine.
>Reader:  So, was the officer's speech so florid or so convoluted that your 
>reporter was unable to grasp the simple information stated therein?  Did 
>you guys screw up?  Because I know you do that.
>Editor:  Damn.  You caught us.  Here are the reporter's notes, and it's 
>clear that he really said 70 percent of cases brought to trial didn't 
>result in a conviction.  Or something like that, I dunno.  Yep, we really 
>blew it but were hoping no one found out.  Thanks for making us aware of 
>it, sir.
>Reader (flush with triumph):  See, Keely, Debi and Andreas really ARE 
>stupid after all!
>Now, Donovan, it no doubt makes you feel better to think that, but that may 
>explain why your abundant experience and unparalleled service in UI Student 
>Government didn't include a stint in print journalism.   And yet the Fourth 
>Estate survives . . . somehow.
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>Many of you seem to be jumping to conclusions here.
>How do we know for fact that any police office said
>that 70% of rapes reported are false? Because you read
>it in the paper? Give me a break!
>The Police were probably misquoted, or the words did
>not come out correctly, or the reporter misquoted or
>paraphrased incorrectly.
>95% of the time that I read something outrageous from
>a local authority quoted in the paper, it usually
>turns out that the people did not say what they paper
>said they said, or were taken completely out of
>Perhaps the police officer said, 70% of rapes do not
>lead in a conviction, so that meant "false", either to
>the officer, or the reporter.
>I hardly doubt that any trained, experienced police
>officer, that is required to attend a sexual
>harassment and abuse conference or class every year
>would say, or intend to imply that 7 out of 10 women
>that report rape are liars, even if they believed that
>to be the case.
>Just because something is reported in the media, or
>printed in black and white, does not make it true,
>look at FOX news. Did any of you call and confirm this
>information as being accurate?
>Donovan J Arnold
>--- lfalen <lfalen at turbonet.com> wrote:
> > While the 8% national average for false reports
> > maybe low, 70% is obviously a way too high. The
> > tragedy of articles like this is that there will be
> > more rapes going unreported.
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> > --
> >
> > > Having just completed the YWCA Week Without
> > Violence and the Clothesline Project at
> > > WSU, I read the article and cried. The Clothesline
> > Project consists of over 600 t-shirts painted
> > > over 14 years. Each shirt is painted by a survivor
> > or supporter of someone who was assaulted,
> > > most speaking of sexual assault. We know many of
> > these women, we know they didn't report
> > > the assault, and we know why they choose to not be
> > re-victimized by the type of troglodites
> > > exhibited by that newspaper story.
> > >
> > > To suggest that 70% of reported rapes are false is
> > completely insane. Why would anyone
> > > report a sexual assault if the police already plan
> > to discount it? It must be true that going to
> > > Lewiston means you move 30 miles down the hill and
> > 30 years into the past...
> > >
> > > These officers desperately need remedial training.
> > I would suggest they be required to come
> > > hang the Clothesline Project, and read the stories
> > of the people they call liars. And they should
> > > be put on non-paid leave until they do.....next
> > year, third week in October.
> > >
> > > Debi Robinson-Smith, YWCA of WSU
> > >
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