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Here's some irony:

This week Officer Carl Womack of the MPD wrote a short article for the Daily 
News on the new crosswalks on Moscow-Pullman Highway/3rd Street.  It was a 
very well written, informative article.  It clearly and simply stated the 
pedestrian/crosswalk applicable law and offered tips on courtesy.  I was 
very impressed.  That is, until the last sentence which said to keep Moscow 
a pedestrian friendly town.

Moscow is not a pedestrian friendly town.  Although I do not travel a lot, 
we go to Canada at least once a year for two weeks, to northern Idaho 
several times, to multiple destinations in Oregon two or three times a year, 
and to Spokane several times.  As a pedestrian, I feel the least safe in 
Moscow (and Pullman).

Yesterday, a group of young ladies was trying to cross Washington from the 
Anselm House corner to the new Co-op corner,  I was in the lane next to the 
Co-op.  I stopped not only out of courtesy but because this group was 
already in the lane closest to Anselm house -- it was thus legally mandatory 
to stop.  A black SUV with Bluebird Idaho license plates in the middle lane 
accelerated, narrowly missing the young ladies who had the good sense to 
stop, and then pulled into my lane.

Like Janesta, I have witnessed many violations of the pedestrian crossing 
laws by arrogant, distracted (cell phones, babies, etc), and/or inattentive 
drivers.  Some occur at 4th and Washington right by the MPD station.  For a 
real adventure try using the crosswalk across Jackson near the Daily News!

Perhaps part of the solution is for the city council and MPD to educate 
themselves on what "Pedestrian Friendly" really means.  The council could 
then make policy recommendations to MPD and do the other things needed to 
implement the "Pedestrian Friendly City" parameters.

Art Deco (Wayne A. Fox)
deco at moscow.com

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>I challenge any of you to be a pedestrian crossing
> Third from the south to the North. The "walk" sign
> stays on exactly eight paces from the curb. That is
> eight paces of a lady 5'10", (prior to getting hit by
> a car, I haven't tried it using my cane yet) then the
> indicator turns to "don't walk". Cars are backed up,
> swerving around pedestrians still in the walkway,
> raring to save mere minutes in their trip to who knows
> where, and get through the intersection before the
> light changes.
> Many times, I have witnessed elderly people, mothers
> with small children in tow, as well as people with
> disabilities of all kinds, frantically attempting to
> cross the street so a car won't hit them. Ask me about
> getting hit by a car; it is no fun at all.
> This intersection is a huge mess, from a vehicle
> standpoint to the pedestrian standpoint....
> And someone wants to put a bridge in on Third Street?
> Someone in City   Hall thinks doing this will save
> time? I say someone, because I am not sure who has the
> idea to do this, (no I don't read the paper, or every
> post here) but in my opinion the idea is a VERY bad
> one.
> Janesta Carcich
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