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Where are the cops? Even one on foot could catch these people!

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I challenge any of you to be a pedestrian crossing
Third from the south to the North. The "walk" sign
stays on exactly eight paces from the curb. That is
eight paces of a lady 5'10", (prior to getting hit by
a car, I haven't tried it using my cane yet) then the
indicator turns to "don't walk". Cars are backed up,
swerving around pedestrians still in the walkway,
raring to save mere minutes in their trip to who knows
where, and get through the intersection before the
light changes.

Many times, I have witnessed elderly people, mothers
with small children in tow, as well as people with
disabilities of all kinds, frantically attempting to
cross the street so a car won't hit them. Ask me about
getting hit by a car; it is no fun at all.

This intersection is a huge mess, from a vehicle
standpoint to the pedestrian standpoint....

And someone wants to put a bridge in on Third Street?
Someone in City   Hall thinks doing this will save
time? I say someone, because I am not sure who has the
idea to do this, (no I don't read the paper, or every
post here) but in my opinion the idea is a VERY bad

Janesta Carcich

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