[Vision2020] Using a "Very Bad Name"

Tom Hansen thansen at moscow.com
Thu Oct 20 16:41:48 PDT 2005

>From today's (October 20, 2005) Moscow-Pullman Daily News with a special
thanks to Nick Gier.


Using a "very bad name"

I was shocked to learn that the Daily News has given Ed Iverson, someone
closely associated with Douglas Wilson, a biweekly column.
I was hoping Iverson and I could have some personal exchanges about a number
of issues, but he answered that this would not be possible because I've
called his colleagues a very bad name. It is so bad that this paper's
editors will not allow it to be printed. 

Iverson is referring to a column of mine that appeared in the Idaho
Statesman (Aug. 12) in which the very bad name was used. 

Most of this column was first posted on Moscow's Vision 2020 (Jan. 13,
2004), and I'm really puzzled there were no objections to the word at that
time. It must have been the misleading headline that the Statesman ran. 

In December 2003, when 1,200 Palousians signed a petition condemning
Wilson's views on slavery, homosexuality and women, I'm sure they were
concerned that northern Idaho's reputation would again be tarnished by
extremist views. In my column I drew a parallel, not an identity, between
neo-Confederates and those with this very bad name. 

Since the beginning of the Wilson controversy, no one in Moscow has called
Wilson this very bad name. I've also accepted Wilson's own disavowal of
racism, but he cannot say that he is not a "neo-Confederate" for the
following reasons: 

- Robert E. Lee's portrait is proudly displayed in Wilson's Logos School and
the Confederate flag has been displayed at its social functions. 

- Wilson once wrote an editorial in his own journal supporting the right of
states to leave the Union. 

- Wilson has spoken at neo-confederate Southern Heritage conferences and has
written four articles for the neo-confederate journal Chronicles. The last
article appeared together with an ad announcing a conference in which
Lincoln would be condemned and the right of secession would be defended. 

- Wilson is contributing editor for "The War Between the States: America's
Uncivil War" (Bluebonnet Press, 2005). Historian Ed Sebesta claims that
"this book seems to incorporate every 'Lost Cause' and modern
Neo-Confederate idea." 

Nick Gier, Moscow


Very well stated, Nick.

Doug Wilson and the "management" of Anselm House have a long history of
hiding under rocks, but the smell remains.

Doug Wilson may not consider himself or his coven to be neo-Confederate, but
if it looks like crap and smells like crap, chances are . . . 

Take care, Moscow.

See you at the polls.

Tom Hansen


"When people sin, everybody has to pay."

- Douglas Wilson of Wilson, Inc. (dba Christ Church) (June 7, 2002)

For more details:  http://www.tomandrodna.com/notonthepalouse


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