[Vision2020] Hypocrisy

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Politicians and even ordinary citizens are in a position to influence the 
prosecutor's plea bargain decision.  It appears that none were interested 
enough despite their self-serving diatribes about steroid use.

Were the case in our local jurisdiction, I, for one, would have called on 
the prosecutor.  Further, I think a behind the scenes deal in a case of this 
nature is very bad public policy.  A trial would have revealed a lot of 
in-the-public-interest information.


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> Wayne,
> If Bush was the 'self-serving politician' you were referring to, then I 
> hate to disagree with you, BUT:
> Neither he nor any other self-serving politician made the sentencing 
> decision.  I don't know if the judge had to accept the deal Conte's lawyer 
> and the prosecutor came up with, but that's who made the final decision, 
> and I doubt he or she was making public comments about steroids prior to 
> sentencing.
> Sunil
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>>Thank you for your question.
>>I posted the article because for months, no years, so-called critics 
>>including self-serving national politicians and business people have 
>>moralized about steroids.  But when it comes to making a telling statement 
>>about the real dangers and demonstrating to youth that their elders take 
>>the super-steroid problem seriously, they show themselves to be pathetic 
>>hypocrites with a 7 month sentence!  Ordinary shoplifters sometimes get 
>>longer sentences.
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