[Vision2020] V2020 questionare???????

Phil Nisbet pcnisbet1 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 16 08:46:18 PDT 2005


Your post was loaded with antagonism and frankly I am sick and tired of not 
responding to you in kind.  You flat accised me of not posting questions or 
being part of a process, something that was patently false and did so with 
your typical snide commentary.

So yes, Tom, you are a horses ass.  You do not respond to any posting of any 
other person here with anything by nasty little inuendo.  That is not 
maturity Tom and its a damn shame you are so lacking in that particular 

Look at the statement you have in your post regarding my "calibre".  Funny 
that when I am doing yeomans work assisting in setting up the recent water 
summit, I did not see you helpng out.  And strangely, I have never seen you 
at county planning meetings.  Is your lack of particpation in the grunt work 
of civic responsibilty maturity?  Or is ranting and blogging the limit of 
your work for the community?  Is beating up on Donavan the great maturity 
you have for us?  How sage and responsible of you.

Phil Nisbet

>From: "Tom Hansen" <thansen at moscow.com>
>To: <vision2020 at moscow.com>
>Subject: RE: [Vision2020] V2020 questionare???????
>Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 08:20:08 -0700
>Such warm pleasantries from Mr. Nisbet on Sunday morning as:
>"Hansen, stop being a horses ass."
>It seems that when confronted with debate, Mr. Nisbet could have:
>1)  Led off your response to my accusations in a mature, responsible 
>correcting any misinterpretations I may have presented, or
>2) Called me a horse's ass.
>Realizing "maturity" and "responsibility" are two attributes not normally
>associated with people of Mr. Nisbet's "caliber", I thoroughly understand
>his attraction to the latter option.
>Mature, responsible individuals would apologize for such ignorance, but 
>. . .
>Enough said.
>Take care, Moscow.
>Tom Hansen
>Moscow, Idaho
>Vote on November 8th because you care . . .
>For our kids
>For our neighborhoods
>For our town
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