[Vision2020] Challenge to the candidates: What's up with Weber & Lambert?

josephc at mail.wsu.edu josephc at mail.wsu.edu
Sat Oct 15 12:47:08 PDT 2005

Thanks for the clarification, Bruce!

The questions to which Bruce, Tom, and Donovan are alluding are found here:


If you read the website it says: “A Moscow Vision 2020 committee composed
sets of questions, sent the questions to the candidates of the following
electoral races, and collected the answers from the candidates.” It
doesn’t say anything about the MCA here, as Donovan implies above.

Furthermore, even if the questions were put forth by the MCA why would
that matter? Donovan, for instance, has just offered an endorsement of Bob
Stout, the very same candidate that the MCA endorsed for council and
someone who I personally endorse, as well. Does that mean that the other
candidates have no obligation to answer any questions that Donovan or I
might have to ask before the election? Of course not!

All candidates have an obligation to answer any questions that any citizen
or any citizen’s group has to ask. It is part of the process by which we
may all collect information in order to make INFORMED decisions on
Election Day.

I for one will use the FAILURE to answer questions put forth by a
citizen’s group as a reason for NOT voting for a candidate and I encourage
the rest of you to do so as well. Nor should it matter whether it is a
liberal or conservative group which puts forth the questions. As I see it,
this is one way that we can ensure that the electoral process is as fair
and rational as possible.

Let’s apply some pressure on the candidates to speak out on the issues
that concern us so that we can find out what our choices really are! This
isn’t a popularity contest. It is an election that involves the future of
our community.

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