[Vision2020] proposed ball fields/sports-complex across fromarboretum

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It is much more acceptable to me to spend city money on ballfields than the
1912 building.
I still don't see just how the ballfields will 'damage' the arboretum.

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Hi to all the 'Visionaries',

For your consideration, I've attached a flyer (in .pdf) that was
passed out this last weekend to homes in the neighborhood facing
the site of the proposed sports-complex on Palouse River drive. It
details some of the concerns people have regarding the placement
of a sports-complex across from the arboretum. The key issue is
not whether or not ball-fields are needed for the kids but rather the
potential detrimental effect the present form of the proposed plan for
the sports-complex would have on the arboretum and city

In case the attachment does not go through, here is the website for
the group: {www.savethearboretum.org" }www.savethearboretum.org.


Chris Berven


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